Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That's my name, don't wear it out...

"Ki-um! Ki-um! Addy! Ki-um!"

This is the chatter we hear coming from downstairs in the morning. Well not the only chatter. We hear Calvin beckoning, "Bra-yur! Bra-yur!" His way of saying "brother," and the way he prefers to address Charlie.

Well, Charlie has some preferences too. And for the last few months he has been calling me by my first name. "Ki-um" as he says it.

Sure, it's cute, just like it was cute when he used to call Ray "Way" instead of daddy. If we were all shopping together, and Ray wondered to the next isle, you could hear Charlie's little voice ring throughout the store, "Way! Are You?!"

But, it has been months since he has called me "Mama" or "Mommy" (except for under diress--you know, such as getting an owie or being sat upon by one's bra-yur). Needless to say, the cuteness has worn off.

"No Charlie, I'm mama," I will say again and again. I even try to ignore his requests until he will address me as "mama" or "mommy." And I tell ya, the boy is stubborn!

Now, I'm sure when Charlie calls me "Ki-um" he does so with the utmost affection and admiration, but to me it feels like I'm being made a formality.

Today and lunch he had his brother calling me "Kim" as well.


Well, I am more stubborn than he,

and will maintain a creative patience in the matter,


he will call me Mama!
(So, if you have any creative ideas to help me, let me know!)

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BrendaLou said...

My girls all called their Daddy, "Bill." So I switched to calling him Daddy. Of course now that the youngest of our children is now 30 years old it's kind of old. Actually I call him, "Grandpa" now. LOL. But it does work!

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