Monday, February 22, 2010

A Calvin Story

Everyone has a Cavlin Story they could tell. He is just a child who makes things happen--who does all the funny, cute little kids stuff that makes people smile warmly.

Here is a story from yesterday.

At church we do a short children's sermon before we get going with the regular teaching. Our pastor, Peter, was giving an illustration, using toys from the nursery (which made it extra interesting for the little guys) about a boat that was in trouble and got broken, then another boat came along to help fix the broken one. The two youngest, Calvin and his little friend India, were standing right next to Peter, "helping" with the illustration (as only almost 2-year-olds can), and ignoring the finer arts of what is socially appropriate during a sermon (as only almost 2-year-olds should!).

When the illustration was finished Peter explained to the children that there is a very big word that describes what just happened with Pooh Bear's boat. "A word that means to fix something that is broken is Reconcile," he said.

Calvin, who has no fear of trying out big words, and as if on cue, repeated proudly in his little voice, "Weconcile! Weconcile!" Such amazing conversation coming from such a little person. People were, of course, smiling warmly at our little friend Calvin. Community is an inclusive thing, here.

Later in the nursery, we discussed what it means to fix broken feelings of our friends or siblings if we have hurt them. And you can bet that at home weconcile, er, I mean reconcile, will be our new vocabulary to instruct the boys when they need to make up. If he can say it, he can learn what it means.

This is such a sweet time.

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