Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Healthy Charlie Update

We've been MIA in blogland lately because, well, we've been sick. If it isn't the boys it is me, and just this morning Raymond started in with that lovely Humboldt Hack.

But despite all the facial goo, sniffles, and coughs in the house, Charlie had his Well Child Exam yesterday anyway. After all, he is not that sick. Just a regular wintertime cold.

And, he is healthy! I feel so very blessed. I hold so many children with Down Syndrome, and their amazing families, in my prayers constantly as they live through so many medical journeys. I am deeply grateful to have a boy with Down Syndrome, who really, could not be a healthier boy. He is strong. He is growing well. Just the other day we had his IEP (which is another update I need to catch-up on), and we were able to check the box "Excellent Health."

So, on to our appointment. The stats are: 35 pounds, and 37 inches. As my mom remarked, "He's nearly round." Oh, and he is! Such a round, wonderful snuggle-bug. On the growth charts it makes him 43% for weight, and 4% for height. Luckily, those don't really apply to him, as on the Down Syndrome growth chart he is quite average. Between 50-75% for weight, and between 75-95% for heigh. My very average, very healthy boy. (Average is good!)

Our doctor remarked that he seems to be doing well. We talked about potty training. The doctor said even if we did nothing, he will learn, so we can relax a bit in our worry about that, I guess. He is doing well, by the way, but it sure is slow going.

We talked about his reflux, and all agreed that it seems to be much better than when he was younger. We barely hear him reflux anymore, and he only spits up if he has overdone it at a meal. We had taken him off his medication months ago because another Down Syndrome mom had suggested it may be contributing to his, um, horrible, disgusting, awful everyday bm's. The elusive "diarrhea of toddlerhood" for which we received a diagnosis last year. Well, the medication seems to have been part of the culprit (although the diarrhea began before he started taking the meds... whatever), so we will just keep him off of it.

We got a blood draw order for his yearly CBC and TSH. I took him to the lab after our appointment, and the woman found his vein on the first try (that's a first). Charlie winced, but did not cry, and I thought he was drifting off to sleep during the draw (which took a couple minutes because his blood seemed very thick, or at least slow, if that makes sense). Anyway, we wait a couple weeks for the results, but I expect them to be perfect.

I will update soon about our fabulous IEP meeting. Yes! It really was pleasant and productive.

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SunflowerMom said...

All good news, well except for the fact you guys have had the snotty junk. I think he's about the same size as Sean!

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