Thursday, March 18, 2010


Poor Calvin is spiking fevers so high it is making him chat to us delirously. He told us he was "little baby chop chop," and some other weird things. Fever is coming down now with some drugs (down to a nice and cool 103.4).

He had two jabs yesterday at his check-up. So, I'm guessing his fever may be a vaccine reaction, though he has only ever spiked very low fevers in the past from vaccines, if at all. We tend to space our vaccines out and slow down the schedule, and boy, I'm glad I did not have them throw the third one in they had offed. It seems two was plenty for this round!

He was so anxious during his appointment, anticipating the pokes I suppose, that at one point when the doctor came toward him with the flashlight-thingy to look in his ears he began to struggle and cried out, "Oh God, No!" Which, was pretty hilarious considering his desperation. It was not what he really said, because he would have no clue to use that phrase (just not something we say), especially for that context. Or, maybe I am wrong, and he was ernestly calling out to God for help. Who knows, the point is the whole appointment was so stressful for him. He was not the calm baby they have seen in the past at all. The Dr. asked if I had brought in the same laid-back Calvin she has always seen before.

Yesterday after his nap was the first sign of trouble when he called for me because he could not (more like, would not) move his legs. He was so tense during the shots that I think his injection area was especially stiff and sore. I gave him to pain meds, and slowly, slowly he worked his way up to trying his legs again. He has been hobbling around ever since, though. There is no swelling or redness at all, just muscle soreness I think from getting jabbed in such tensed-up tissue.

Last night he began in with the fevers. 102 and 103 or so. Feeling really rotten, and having the chills. He was only comforted yesterday evening by calling all his favorite people on the phone. Thanks everyone who played along to listen to his sad story of Doctors office visit, and his triumph of earning a sticker after all the drama was finished.

Anyway, his fever tonight was up to 104.7. Yipes! It has never been so high before. He was just out of it, talking with eyes half open, saying things that did not make any sense at all. He would say something, and Ray and I would just look at each other with worry. Luckily Tylenol is bringing his fever down, or we would be really worried.

Anyway, say a little prayer for our Calvin. He has no other symptoms, just the fever. Hopefully this ends soon!

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