Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Normal Stuff

There is not... a whole lot going on here. Always something, of course. But not so much blogging I suppose. I was thinking tonight about just how normal our little life seems. One mama, One dad. One boy who is four and yet is so tiny and tender, and one boy who is two, and who all at once is ready for the world and needing mommy's arms around him, tight. The last couple evenings at the dinner table I just marveled at our little family. Our little dynamic that is ours and so comfortable and homey. I'm at home with all these fellas.

A Calvin Story.
One of Calvin's favorite things to do is draw with markers. You should see his creations. Drawing is for him, however, a collaborative affair, and he will often pipe up with a request for mommy or daddy to draw a "steam engine" or a "diesel engine" or a "milk truck" or "Grandpa's truck" or "a horse" or "a dog". Tonight it was happy faces he wanted. He drew the circle. Mommy drew the face. Then Calvin finished it off my adding hair, oh so carefully. I'm amazed at the control he exerts over his pen, even while holding it in a full fist.

That Calvin amazes me. His birthday is this Saturday. He will be two. Though, in truth, I think he has been two for a good long while now. Sweet boy.

A Charlie Story.
Talking with Charlie is a certain task. You have to listen closely. Pay attention to body language, and the occasional ASL sign he throws in for clarification of emphasis. Tonight over at Grandpa and Grandma's we two were talking about Boris, our little Russian Tortoise that lives in a big wooden box at their house. Charlie was telling me a great deal of things. He was excited to see Boris, and told me he was "sleepy" and showed me where he slept. He told me where his food was, but explained that Boris was "not hungy, no eat gwass." We talked and talked, and it was really great to hear him using full sentences and expressing so much. So much of our communication is stunted by daily commotion that makes it hard to take time to really hear and see and experience what Charlie has to say. It was a sweet moment.

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