Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things that Calvin says

I received this handout from Calvin's Children's Center teacher the other day about milestones for children age 2. Just a standard handout for parents.

I must say, I NEVER worry about Calvin's development. If our motto for Charlie is "he will get there," then how much more for Calvin who does everything at triple speed and more.

Well, the handout had a speech and language section that says "By now your child will be learning some words, and may even be able to say 50 to 100, and put two word together in a sentence." Now, I never have counted the number of words my kids know, except for Charlie in the very beginning, though it is a question the folks like our doctors are interested to know, but Calvin knows 50 to 100 words easy, multiplied 7 times. And certainly his sentences and sentiments are longer than two words together. This area, along with drawing, are where he excels I think. And what I think is really fun is we get this amazing glimpse into the workings of his little personality at this early age.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to record some of the things Calvin says:

So, he IS two, and one of the most heard sentiments is, "Hey, that's mine!"

Calvin is quite social and connected with his little community, and all day long he asks me "What's ______ doing?" He asks this about Daddy, Charlie, Mommy, Himself, Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa Moose, Uncle Russ, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Renee, he asks about the neighbors, his friends at school, the cats next door, the horses we saw last week, you name it. He even will ask about inanimate objects, which to my nerdy child development interests indicates that he does not yet totally make the distinction between living beings and the inanimate. (Hmmm... Very interesting... (as she strokes imaginary goatee)

Another phrase is "What's that?" If only I had a nickle for every time I hear that one.

Lately he has decided he is a "Hampsom Prince," and I agree!

He is sure to let me know that "Mommy's 'teeth' (tea) is hot!"

Now, we are not always successful in coaxing him to do certain chores, but have found if you refer to him as a big dinosaur and ask him if he can pick up his toys with his big dinosaur muscles, he will answer with a resounding, "Yes I Can!" And, he may remind you that in fact he is a "Big Giant Dinosaur! Roar!"

He has begun to insert peoples names into his sentences when addressing them, like saying "What's this animal, Betsy?"

When he falls but is okay, he'll just let you know, "Whoops. I'm okay!"

When he falls and is not okay, he'll let you know, "Owie. Kiss right here. Calvin big hug, too."

He says "please" and "thank you, mommy" at the dinner table. He says "excuse me" when he needs to get by.

There is of course no end to his discourse, but the above are some the the sweeter things I hear him say lately and think, "I should share that." His language explosion seems to be a help for Charlie, too. First, they have begun to have back and forth conversations with each other, which is amazing to witness. Also, many words or phrases Calvin says, Charlie will try out too. I always say language with toddlers is a bit like playing charades, especially in a home that allows liberal use of sign language as well, and really, it couldn't be more fun (except for the times it is frustrating of course.). Anyway, there you go.

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