Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Baby

Many have asked if this new little baby is planned or a surprise.

A hard question to answer, really.

Planned? Not totally--it's a long story, though. (A story with personal insight which I do plan to share... just, later.)

A surprise? Well, with our track record, I don't think we can really be surprised any longer when we get pregnant.

So, perhaps you would say we are startled, but certainly not surprised. And any way you cut it, we are very glad!

Thank you for all the well wishes this week beautiful community!

(And, thank you Renee and Russ for the Lime Popsicles!!!)


Karien Prinlsoo said...

Congratulations on the new pregnancy from me as well. I pray
god's blessing over you and the new baby.We call our 2 surprises: a calculated risk. I knew I wasn't taking birth control, but we didn't want or try to get pregnant, so we couldn't say it was a surprise. So, a calculated risk it was...and vary happy in the end.

Brandie said...

"Ssartled" I like that. :)

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