Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Update on our Baby

We had an ultrasound on Friday. It was your regular old 20 week anatomy ultrasound. You know, the one where they take a quick look-see at all the babe's arms and legs and organs, and it's little noggin. And the one where sometimes parents hope very much to get a glimpse at a certain part of anatomy. You know. Boy parts or girl parts.

Well, first I will say it was a lovely experience. We had a great time watching our little babe pull all kinds of tricks. And I think the ultrasound tech was having as pleasant of a time as us. She really took her time to point things out, and paused many times just to watch our darling baby's antics.

Everything looks just right. The heart is healthy and whole. The tummy and head are measuring right on schedule. There are arms and legs and feet and toes and beautiful, active little hands.

But before this gets too much longer, and because it is really difficult describing all of this without sharing whether our littlest child is a he or a she, I will tell you that indeed we were able to get a glimpse of that certain piece of anatomy. Parts that are becoming oh so familiar to us by know. Yes, we are having another little BOY!

How exciting to learn that news. We were wanting to know so much. Could it be another boy to carry on the tradition of Raymond's family (it has been 4 generations and over 100 years since the last girl was born to a man in Raymond's family line). Or, would we be the first young family to welcome a little girl.

Of course, I should not be surprised at all, but it is so unbelievable. And so wonderful too. What a heritage our boys have of God loving, steadfast, and devoted men as ancestors. Really, the men who precede our boys, on both sides of our little family, are something special. Not one has ever run from family or responsibility. Nearly all have loved and served Jesus. It is a beautiful legacy for our boys, in many ways it can only make sense that we have been gifted another one to add to this blessing.

During our appointment we were able to watch our curious little son touch his face and stick out his tongue. We were actually able to watch his little eyes moving around in the socket--no doubt he was wondering what all that poking and ruckus from the ultrasound machine was coming from! He was snuggled up next to the placenta, so we were not able to see him in the 3D setting very well, but it was darling to watch him cozy up to that placenta and even appear to try latching on to it. Perhaps he will be like our Calvin and know immediately that he wants to nurse when he joins us on the outside.

He had his little legs crossed at the ankles, just as he had in our 12 week ultrasound. Knobby little knees up by his belly. He rolled and rolled and really gave us a show. What a beautiful sight he is. We can hardly wait to welcome this little boy into our crew. We have everything we could ever need for this boy already, which is wonderful. And our boys will have so much fun "teaching" their new brother all about life as a Robinson boy.

What a ruckus we have! Now, we just need a name.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting There

We've been working with Charlie for months to get him to start calling me "mommy" again. He used to always call me "Mommy" or "Mama" until he learned to say my name, and he started calling me "Kim" instead. Very sweet, and I'm glad he knows my name, but I much more desire--or perhaps need--to hear him call me "Mommy".

Well, We have much improvement lately. He IS calling me "Mommy" more often, though not most often just yet. And, instead of "Kim" he is now addressing me as "Kim-ma", which is a combo of "Kim" and "Mama". Hey, it works for me.
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