Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Family Vacation

1. Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance: an impromptu party.

We arrived home last night after a lovely impromtu vacation to Truckee, California, the town in which I grew up.

The entire affair was allowed by the opportunity for Ray to attend a worship leaders conference in Sacramento for our North West Vineyard region. Add to that the 'blessing' of a day with no work scheduled for his Electician (day) job, and the warm invitation of family friends who opened their home to us in Truckee. Also, my family--my entire family, mom, dad, and little sister--happened to be in T-town the same weekend.

It was a dream. And, we needed it.

The thing that will always stand out to me about this vacation was how it seemed entirely ushered in on the wings of angels. Everything went right. Even the weather seemed to know just how warm was too warm, and that a bit of afternoon rain would hold the pine pollen at tolerable levels. A freight train was right on time as we unloaded in down town for breakfast. We were able to walk across the street to witness it pass by and enjoy the excitement of the event on the faces of our boys. The beach we returned to again and again had pine trees right up to the waters edge, so our north coast skin could avoid too much of the intense High Sierra UV rays. Our hosts who put us up for three nights have an amazingly baby proof home, toys for our kids to play with (they are grandparents), and hospitality to travelers that allowed us to truly let loose for the days we were there. Old friends happened to be passing through town during the same weekend, and also stayed with our gracious friends. There was encouragement and so much time to just feel care-free.

It was more than a vacation. We were ministered too.

For one heavenly weekend we forgot everything, or at least, we were able to think about, and pray for, direction without the pressure of our current lives pressing in on that process. I'm not sure we came home with any answers, but the call to wait with Hope and Assurance, and Eyes Wide Open.

Now back in the fog, we are trying to hang on to that bit of weightlessness and perspective as we continue to pray and renew our Hope daily.

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