Sunday, July 4, 2010

Potty Training Progress

Well, we have had some real potty training progress in our house! It is unexpected and such a wonderful encouragement to, well, to ME!

Calvin peed in the potty at his little school on Thursday, and stayed dry the rest of the time. I have been working with Calvin from time to time to determine if he is ready to start. So far we had had no success. He is such a bright little guy, and I had the feeling that if he could just have a little bit of success that he would really take off with potty training. Well, when his teacher told me he peed in the potty, I had a feeling that was just the success that he needed to begin the process. I was right!

We started making trips to the potty that afternoon and evening, and he did it again. The next day he went in the potty three time, using his diaper only twice. On Saturday he went many times--had a couple accidents too--but he became very efficient. We took him to the potty and he knew just what to do, did it, and was done. Today has also been a great potty training day. He only went two times in his diaper.

This is such unexpected success. I am very happy. I was going to wait until Charlie started school in the fall to start working with Calvin again. And now, it looks like we have a big head start! I will be thrilled if we can get Calvin to a point where he is minimally dependent on mommy to change diapers by the time our baby arrives. I really would like to keep the number of children in diapers to two in our household.

Also on the bright side, and as I predicted would happen, Charlie has taken more interest and initiative in his own potty training saga now that brother has started. Charlie has been willing, even desiring, to sit on the potty more, and has had quite a few successes himself over the past couple days. Trouble with Charlie is he does not have near the bladder control as Calvin, and I think he just does not have as big of a grasp on the sensations of potty learning as little brother. Really, though, he is more interested and has been a great cheerleader for Calvin. They cheer each other on, and help to give each other treats for their success.

You know, after months and months of working on pottying with Charlie I must say I had begun to think maybe I was going about it wrong. As usual, when Calvin hits a new developmental stage I realize how normal Charlie's development is, just it is in super-duper slow-mo, so hard to gauge. And, while Calvin is having so much success, I feel like I am having success as well. It is real encouragement to me to keep working with Charlie. I really do think we are on the right track, it is just going to take a long, long time.

Anyway, praying that Calvin will soon figure out how to do number 2 in that potty, and how to 'hold it' while he sleeps. Also we need to get those fine motor skills up to snuff so he can pull his own pants up and down. Seems he is much more concerned with how high he can jump, and less about how well he can dress himself. Also, he has yet to take initiative to tell us he needs to go. Tips anyone?

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