Monday, August 30, 2010

Piracy, please, Mommy

Lately, when using the potty Calvin asks to be left alone. I taught him that he can politely ask for "privacy" in such cases. Well, he has done just that, and has begun to very politely indeed ask us for "Piracy" so he can use the toilet in peace and quiet.

He's the sweetest thing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Conversation with Daddy

While Daddy and Calvin are in the bathroom getting ready for bed:

Calvin: Where's my medicine?

Daddy: Huh? You don't take any medicine, Calvin. You are a very healthy boy.

Calvin: Oh! Well, sometimes I do.

Daddy: I suppose you are right. Do you take medicine when you don't feel well?

Calvin: (Very seriously nods head) Yeeessss.

It reminds me a bit of stories I have heard of Calvin's uncle Russ when he was a very young boy. Here is one scene that took place at a Chinese Restaurant when Russ was around Calvin's age:

Waitress brings little Russel a tea cup with out a handle.

Russ: I don't want a cup without a handle.

Kind waitress substitutes the cup for a tea cup with a handle.

Russ: (Pauses to contemplate the difference between the tea cups) Some do, some don't!

I don't know if everyone gets as big of a kick out of listening to two year olds philosophize... I could listen in on little conversations like these all day long. (And well, I do! Love my occupation. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Update

Well, the kids are sleeping. The kitchen is clean, the laundry folded (I know, crazy, right?). And, I just learned via Facebook that Raymond, though finished with band practice, is engulfed in performing late night surgery on a Mellotron. Anyway, the house is quiet, and here I have some time for a baby update.

We had an appointment with our Home Birth midwives yesterday. Well, Raymond was working, so I went with the boys. Baby and Mommy are oh so healthy, and feeling so thankful. Allergy season is ending, and so for the first time since March I am feeling like a normal--although very round--person. Our baby--well, my belly anyway--is measuring exactly right on for this point in pregnancy. The heart rate was 136, so it seems this boy is taking after his mom on the low pulse. Maybe he will be a mellow boy. Mellow would be good.

Charlie and Calvin were so cute "helping" the midwives any way they could. They have the whole routine down, and know just what each "midwife tool" is for. They took turns listening to each others bellies with the fetoscope. Calvin did a good job measuring mama's tummy, and holding the watch for our dear midwife.

We are now to the third trimester, and although I am beginning to feel fairly third-trimester-ee (heartburn, not sleeping well, yet pretty tired at times, oh, and big), I am feeling so optimistic and excited. Gosh, the first months were such a journey--a time of feeling like life needed some readjusting and redefining. It seems all at once things are settling, and at least feeling much more "figure-out-able".

Charlie has somehow seemed to get some things figured out for himself, and caring for him no longer seems to be the daily mystery it was at the beginning of the summer. Or maybe, he and I together got some things figured out. But really, he seems a little more collected and calm and reasonable. Wouldn't you know Calvin is the one I am pulling my hair out over now. He is so 2. Sheesh. But we're getting things figured out in that department as well. A dear friend whom has given me encouragment in parenting just lately (thank you, Tracy) had had her son memorize Ephesians 6:1 as a two year old, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for it is right." I started teaching it to Calvin, and wouldn't you know a two year old can do it! His version goes something like this: "Children! Obey my mom and dad in the Lord, it's right! Ephesians! 6:1!" He likes to run across the room as he says each part, thus the exclamations.

Ray and I are feeling like we have a little more breathing room to be a couple and discuss things like "What DO we want to be when we grow up?" Or maybe a better question is "HOW do we want to be?" This new baby has caused us to think about these things a lot. Thank you, sweet baby.

And last, a name. We think we have one nailed down for this guy, but you are going to have to wait for that announcement. Ray believes a person needs to meet their child face to face before deciding for certain who that person is. But really, I think we already know this little person well enough to be confident about who he is. I would not have said that about our other boys who felt like little mysteries until a good time had lapsed after their birth, but for some reason, this little one already feels so familiar.

I will say, we jumped off the "C" boat for this one. Really, it is pure coincidence that Charlie and Calvin are both "C's". Charlie is a family name, and Calvin is literally named for the cartoon strip "Calvin and Hobbes." (We just liked it.) Naming this boy was a journey in itself. We have never not-known what we would name a child (goodness knows we have a row of little girl names all lined up ready to be used one day...), but this time we had to search and consider and ask ourselves about things like meaning and significance, oh, and how well a name could hold up to the two best names in all the world for which our other sons possess (wink). What we ended up with is a name that will remind us of this significant year in our marriage, and all that this darling baby jostled into action in our lives.

Well, I hear that old Toyota pulling into the driveway, so I'm going to sign off for now. (I want to hear about the Mellotron repair!) We are waiting with so much excitement for our new little guy to join us in October/November. Getting close!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life According to Calvin

Calvin. He's just, well, entertaining. Challenging, too, these days.

He has developed the art of negotiation:

Mommy: Calvin, it is time to get your pajamas on.

Calvin holds up all five fingers and with his most serious face says: Two more minutes.

Uh, I guess I can wait two more minutes.

His sense of logic and language is coming along nicely:

Calvin: What is this?

Mommy: It's a squash.

Calvin: Oh! It's for squishing!

He is testing every. single. boundary.

Mommy: Calvin, do you want to get into your car seat all by yourself, or would you like my help?

Calvin: By myself!

(A minute passes while I get Charlie buckled in.)

Mommy: Calvin, you need to get into your car seat.

Calvin: No! I'm driving, mommy.

Mommy: In three seconds I will help you get into your car seat. 1, 2, 3...

Magically he is in his seat by three.

When did I become the mom who counts to three?!

He's got his priorities. If he had them written out it might be something like this:

Play with trains. Run fast! Play with tools. Run fast! Use tools to fix trains. Stop to eat--or eat on the run. Play music. Run fast! Get hug. Tackle person giving hug. Run away. Play with large trucks...

You get the idea.

He is independent:

Calvin: No help me mommy! I do it all by myself!

He looks out for others:

Calvin: Its all good, Charlie. (While patting his upset brother on the back.)

He knows when he's crossed the line:

Mommy raises eyebrows at naughty boy.

Naughty boy says, "I have time out."

He is a sweety little boy who still asks for hugs and cuddles from his mommy... So long as it is his idea.

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