Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Conversation with Daddy

While Daddy and Calvin are in the bathroom getting ready for bed:

Calvin: Where's my medicine?

Daddy: Huh? You don't take any medicine, Calvin. You are a very healthy boy.

Calvin: Oh! Well, sometimes I do.

Daddy: I suppose you are right. Do you take medicine when you don't feel well?

Calvin: (Very seriously nods head) Yeeessss.

It reminds me a bit of stories I have heard of Calvin's uncle Russ when he was a very young boy. Here is one scene that took place at a Chinese Restaurant when Russ was around Calvin's age:

Waitress brings little Russel a tea cup with out a handle.

Russ: I don't want a cup without a handle.

Kind waitress substitutes the cup for a tea cup with a handle.

Russ: (Pauses to contemplate the difference between the tea cups) Some do, some don't!

I don't know if everyone gets as big of a kick out of listening to two year olds philosophize... I could listen in on little conversations like these all day long. (And well, I do! Love my occupation. :)

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