Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life According to Calvin

Calvin. He's just, well, entertaining. Challenging, too, these days.

He has developed the art of negotiation:

Mommy: Calvin, it is time to get your pajamas on.

Calvin holds up all five fingers and with his most serious face says: Two more minutes.

Uh, I guess I can wait two more minutes.

His sense of logic and language is coming along nicely:

Calvin: What is this?

Mommy: It's a squash.

Calvin: Oh! It's for squishing!

He is testing every. single. boundary.

Mommy: Calvin, do you want to get into your car seat all by yourself, or would you like my help?

Calvin: By myself!

(A minute passes while I get Charlie buckled in.)

Mommy: Calvin, you need to get into your car seat.

Calvin: No! I'm driving, mommy.

Mommy: In three seconds I will help you get into your car seat. 1, 2, 3...

Magically he is in his seat by three.

When did I become the mom who counts to three?!

He's got his priorities. If he had them written out it might be something like this:

Play with trains. Run fast! Play with tools. Run fast! Use tools to fix trains. Stop to eat--or eat on the run. Play music. Run fast! Get hug. Tackle person giving hug. Run away. Play with large trucks...

You get the idea.

He is independent:

Calvin: No help me mommy! I do it all by myself!

He looks out for others:

Calvin: Its all good, Charlie. (While patting his upset brother on the back.)

He knows when he's crossed the line:

Mommy raises eyebrows at naughty boy.

Naughty boy says, "I have time out."

He is a sweety little boy who still asks for hugs and cuddles from his mommy... So long as it is his idea.


Anonymous said...

Kim, I love reading about your boys. I am a grandma, live near Sacramento. My daughter and her husband have adopted two children with Down Syndrome. Charity is 4 and Neko is 10 months old. She has a blog on which she talks about these two and her other 4 children. I don't know if you would be interested in reading it, but if you are, please let me know how I can send the website. She and her husband lived in Truckee for awhile... perhaps you know his family! I think you and Elizabeth would become friends. I am commenting here because I don't know how else to contact you.

Kim said...

Well, wouldn't you know that I know all about Charity and Neko and Bill and Elizabeth and crew! I do pop in on their blog from time to time. My parents were very good friends with Bill's folks in Truckee, and Michelle was often babysitter to my sister and I. Small world, eh? And I am glad that you like the blog. :)

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