Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A School Update

Just had to post this e-mail I got from Charlie's teacher this evening. He is doing so well.

Charlie had a lots of fun today. He and ----- and staff played “Ring Around the Rosey” at recess—I think they would have played all day—but staff did get a little tired. Very cute! Charlie has been playing a lot with the big trucks on playground and rode in the car as well.

During circle, we used our dog puppets to bark the alphabet when we sang, “There’s a Dog in the School”. Charlie also picked using Lummi Sticks when it was his turn to choose activity and we did “Tap Your Sticks” and Charlie is able to follow directions such as tap end to end, put them behind you etc. Generally, he just follows directions and enjoys activities.

He’s definitely not shy about talking. We worked on his “I Like Pets” book and he told me what each animal was without problem—of course!

At lunch, I asked him what he wanted to eat first? “Grapes” without hesitation. At lunch and snack, I often given students choice of milk, chocolate milk, or juice. Do you feel comfortable with that—I know some people like to restrict milk products and thought it might be a good idea to check with you.

We had APE yesterday—scooter boards, running, walking, jumping, galloping, and tip toeing around the circle. Lots of fun! At the end, Linda asked who wanted to do a log roll—Charlie raised his hand and got up and laid on the mat ready to go. He is quite the APE star!

Hope things are going well at home. Isn’t it almost time for the new baby—are you all ready?

Talk to you soon.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Buddy Walk, Uterine Fun, Back-to-School, Crazy Sum-Up

Well, at this point it may be too far past to share about our amazing Family Day out on a little farm in Southern Humboldt with new and old friends on Labor Day Weekend. The apple picking, the river, the barn, and home grown burgers.

And, perhaps a little too much time has elapsed to share about my thirtieth birthday party spent with our family. How I was honored at church not only for my birthday, but for the small ways in which I have served in the past (stepping back recently as I'm anticipating being a little bit busier!).

Oh, and Charlie started school, and though he loves it, he has been wiped out. Poor guy. So far he has managed to pick up a new virus about every other week. This most recent cough just lasts and lasts. Also, we are wondering if four full days in a row is too much, but we're going to wait it out a bit and see if things improve if he can stay well for a while. The big problem--besides him feeling run down with colds--is that he is really hard to live with when he is so worn out. I feel bad for him. He just can't keep it together during the week. Also, he is not napping on the bus as I had hoped he would. He has made some buddies on the bus and I hear plays peek-a-boo, and jokes and laughs the whole 1+ hour ride home. Anyway, that is what is happening with Big C.

Little C get's to do "home school" with mommy. He's 2. No need for academics yet. Not even close. But he has a 'need to be like brother'. So, we do a little "formal" home school time each day. He asks me to do it. So, we are doing little work books for two year olds, which focuses on tracing lines and doing simple mazes (think, fine motor skills building), identifying colors, following instructions, comparing pictures. We do that for about 5 minutes. Then we do a little project, write a letter to family, read a longer story (good "sitting still" practice), or go to the garden. I am hoping to very soon start taking a city bus ride to the town Library for story time. He would absolutely flip a lid for an opportunity to ride the bus.

Me, and the littlest Robinson continue to do well. I've had some uh, interesting days, with a uterus who is really eager to get things going. One day of many contractions, and a bit of worry. So glad to have super care with our home birth midwives who I can personally call and get sound advice. They helped me to get things calmed down with home treatment, and while I've had to watch it so as not to over-do things, that day so far seems to have been a fluke. I am resting tonight, though, because I am just achy. Achy and big, and at the very least I still have 4 weeks to go--9 at the most, and I'm thinking 'how am I going to do this?'.

I think the toughest part right now is child-wrangling. Calvin is very instruct-able. I can give him complex directions, and he will follow through. He has become a fairly well-trained child, I would say. Cheerful most of the time. I am so thankful. Charlie, well, I am beginning to see he understands way more than I was crediting him for, and we've got a lot of work ahead of us. In the mean-time, I am having a difficult time with caring for him in simple ways, like changing his diaper (he is a big guy!), helping him in and out of his car seat (he is getting better at this), or chasing after him when he decides to bolt (though, for a pregnant woman I think I can sprint pretty fast). I keep telling this baby he would be very welcome to come on the early side of normal, so please hang in there until 37 weeks, then by all means come. I need my body back.

Let's see. Almost caught up.

We had our Buddy Walk this weekend. Love the Buddy Walk. The kids had a fantastic time playing, and walking. You should have seen Charlie take off running with his daddy during the walk, high-stepping it and giggling the whole way. We got to visit with dear friends, and perhaps the most precious part was meeting a new little baby boy, red hair and all! He was the most darling little guy, just a year old (nearly), and such a blessing to meet. He has great parents who are Ray and I's age (So good to meet you M and T! Hope B's birthday is a super special day!). And wouldn't you know with all the excitement, I did not snap a single photo. Not that I could have shared it, with our computer memory issue and all (1GB seemed like sooooo much memory at the time we got this old machine).

Anyway, wow! It feels so good to blog this all out. And, despite the general lack of pics, we did manage to upload this silly family pic we took the other day. Here we are!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Blogging is falling by the wayside just lately. I don't want to let is slide for too long, though. We've been busy--I've been busy. Charlie started school, Labor Day weekend fun, sick, sick, sick, Preterm Labor-ish moments, darling boys, and home school.

I've so many beautiful photos to share of our family times together, and a little computer that has no memory left to store them. We plan to purchase a new computer soon (we already to the external hard drive thing, and need a new computer simply because this one is wearing out). We plan to make that purchase in February, so we are limping along until then. We are trying to remedy the picture problem in the mean-time, but that project has taken a back seat to other things.

Anyway, will update soon, but am trying to get out the door at the moment. I need to get out, the boys are both ill today, so I am piling them in the stroller with some blankets and juice, and out we shall go! Even if my walks only last 30 minutes these days, limited by the size of my poor little squashed bladder!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just another Calvin-ism

Calvin: Where's our baby?

Mommy: Where do you think he is?

Calvin: He's in his belly-button house!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Wowzer

Daddy: I bet you can't eat this huge bite, Charlie... I bet your can't... Oh my gosh! Oh my!... Oh!...... Big Wowzer, Charlie! You ate that huge bite of beans!

Calvin: Where is Charlie's Big Wowzer?
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