Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A School Update

Just had to post this e-mail I got from Charlie's teacher this evening. He is doing so well.

Charlie had a lots of fun today. He and ----- and staff played “Ring Around the Rosey” at recess—I think they would have played all day—but staff did get a little tired. Very cute! Charlie has been playing a lot with the big trucks on playground and rode in the car as well.

During circle, we used our dog puppets to bark the alphabet when we sang, “There’s a Dog in the School”. Charlie also picked using Lummi Sticks when it was his turn to choose activity and we did “Tap Your Sticks” and Charlie is able to follow directions such as tap end to end, put them behind you etc. Generally, he just follows directions and enjoys activities.

He’s definitely not shy about talking. We worked on his “I Like Pets” book and he told me what each animal was without problem—of course!

At lunch, I asked him what he wanted to eat first? “Grapes” without hesitation. At lunch and snack, I often given students choice of milk, chocolate milk, or juice. Do you feel comfortable with that—I know some people like to restrict milk products and thought it might be a good idea to check with you.

We had APE yesterday—scooter boards, running, walking, jumping, galloping, and tip toeing around the circle. Lots of fun! At the end, Linda asked who wanted to do a log roll—Charlie raised his hand and got up and laid on the mat ready to go. He is quite the APE star!

Hope things are going well at home. Isn’t it almost time for the new baby—are you all ready?

Talk to you soon.


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BrendaLou said...

oh, my goodness! could Charlie have gotten a better report? I love to hear all he's doing at school and quite well too! God bless you with all your boys!

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