Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Blogging is falling by the wayside just lately. I don't want to let is slide for too long, though. We've been busy--I've been busy. Charlie started school, Labor Day weekend fun, sick, sick, sick, Preterm Labor-ish moments, darling boys, and home school.

I've so many beautiful photos to share of our family times together, and a little computer that has no memory left to store them. We plan to purchase a new computer soon (we already to the external hard drive thing, and need a new computer simply because this one is wearing out). We plan to make that purchase in February, so we are limping along until then. We are trying to remedy the picture problem in the mean-time, but that project has taken a back seat to other things.

Anyway, will update soon, but am trying to get out the door at the moment. I need to get out, the boys are both ill today, so I am piling them in the stroller with some blankets and juice, and out we shall go! Even if my walks only last 30 minutes these days, limited by the size of my poor little squashed bladder!

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Brandie said...

We still do short walks. Someone ends up fussy or Goldie wants to walk. Man, that stroller gets heavy!!

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