Saturday, October 2, 2010

If it's not one thing...

My beautiful Charlie is broken out in a nasty, itchy rash. Poor Bub.

This school year has been a little rough on his health, so far. Well, a little rough on all of our health.

He ended the Summer session with a nasty cold that lasted all of August. This cold cleared up in the first week of school or so and we enjoyed about 4 days of a clear nose and well feeling boy. Then he came down with a new virus. Fever that lasted a day, runny nose back in force, a cough. That was probably during the second week of school.

Well, the nose continued to run, but he was back in school because that nose seive is a "Down Syndrome Thing", and what are we to do but wait it out. Of course he then presents with another fever, and throws up a couple times. I think this was week three or so. Runny Nose ever present (and folks, by "runny" I mean we are running for tissues, because thick, green snot drips from his face all. day. long.).

So, he recovers from the fever and tummy illness quickly. (Nose still going!) Then in week four, or were we to five by now, he develops a rash on his bum. I hear second hand staph is going around the preschool classrooms, so I take him in to have it checked. Oh yes, it is staph, and by the time we have our appointment one of the spots is on it's way to becoming a nasty boil. Oh, he also has impetigo (staph) on his nose and chin. Nice.

Now I am at my wits end, and beginning to wonder if school is having issues with keeping the classrooms clean, hand washing, etc. Or maybe it is just beginning of the year immunity shock. Or maybe something else is going on.

Anyway, the staph clears up pretty quickly, no boils form (thank goodness!), and now that we're in the clear, I am even able to nab a spot on the clinic's busy schedule to get the boys flu vaccines yesterday. They were both good sports and got goodie bags to-boot. (We are being very proactive, and even ahead of schedule this fall with a tiny newborn about to join us soon. I feel accomplished!)

Now to this morning. I go into the boys room to get them up. I un-zip Charlie's jammies and find he is COVERED in a rash. Big, deep, sigh. It is a good thing I have low blood pressure, or I would be having serious health issues myself. Turns out the rash is drug related, as in an allergic reaction from the Sulfa based antibiotic he was just finishing up. I guess I would have thought he would develop a reaction right away, but the NP I spoke to on the phone said the reaction is often delayed. Thank goodness it is not worse than the rash (which is bad... really bad and itchy. poor Bub). His airway is blessedly unaffected. Of course the antibiotics did dry up his snot issue. Go figure.

Sigh... again.

Now what? Well, we're going to try to ride this out a few more weeks, but if our boy keeps getting sick (and I should say, he went to school three of four days this week and has not come down with any new illnesses... just the allergic reaction... so that is an improvement, believe it or not) than I don't know what we are going to do. I suppose we will have the doctor run blood tests to see if something is out of whack. I suppose we may consider building his immune system up naturally (he takes great quality vitamins, but maybe there is something more to do). Once we have our baby we will have plenty of breast milk on our hands, and I'm thinking I will pump to supplement Charlie (I'm serious, I think it could help... and it would be cheap). I suppose we may consult the school to see what we can do to try to minimize his exposure to germs more than is done now. And really, all of this is just me getting ahead of myself at this point. It's just been a rough September, and now we are covered in itchy bumps, head to toe, back and front. That immune system needs to buck-up a bit, and the sooner the better with tiny Mr. Robinson number 3 due to arrive very soon.

Any suggestions? How can we help our sweet boy stay healthy?


Liz Scott Adams said...

Poor Charlie! If it isn't one thing, it really IS another. Sydney didn't learn how to blow her nose until last fall (it seems like every other kid her age learned a couple of years ago)and every year she gets that thick green mucous that drips down her face all the time. I'm glad she finally learned how to blow. Hope Charlie feels better soon!

Brandie said...

You may want to have his zinc levels checked. Goldie's came back low, even though she wasn't showing any symptoms. Probiotics are also good for the immune system. I've found that the end of August and most of September are always our sickest months! I think we picked up 3 different colds this past month and now we're dealing with allergies.

Giving him breastmilk is a great idea. With a new baby, it will be full of immunities. Goldie is still nursing every morning and she doesn't let me forget!

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