Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

The children have been waiting for the big pumpkin patch visit for a long time. The Calendar we have in the kitchen has pictures of last year's pumpkin patch excursion, and Charlie has been pointing it out daily, looking longingly at the photos and saying "Punkin Patch?!!"

Calvin atop the Hey Maze.

Well, we finally had our day at the "Punkin Patch" weekend before last, and it was great. It always is! The Punkin Patch has a Hey Maze for young children, which the boys run through (or on top of) with abandon. There are concessions, pony rides, face painting... all this from a small family owned farm. We usually skip all the money-costing things and focus on the hey maze and the... dun! dun! dun!... TRACTOR RIDE out to the pumpkin fields. Oh boy! The kids are SO excited about that tractor ride. You just can't get Calvin to wipe that silly grin off his face.

Charlie and Daddy on the Hey Ride.

This year we went with our new friends from church, L and her awesome boys, J and J, who are just a bit older than our boys. Uncle Russ and Auntie Renee also came, and we went to their house afterward for some yummy home-made nachos, and a chance to play with their dog, the ever so popular, Jefe.

Hmm... How 'bout this one?

Or this one...

The kids ran all around in the pumpkin fields, tripping over vines, digging in the dirt, and searching for the dirtiest pumpkins they could find in order to be able to give them a "pumpkin bath" later on. Our boys had a particularly difficult time finding a satisfying pumpkin. We tried all shapes and sizes. In the end, mommy and daddy ended up with two classic round pumpkins, while Charlie chose a tiny, yellow pumpkin about the size of a walnut, and Calvin chose a small, green, oblong pumpkin with a pointy bottom. All came home very satisfied.

My Boys!

Hint: If you click on this photo it will enlarge and you can just see Charlie's tiny pumpkin in his hand, and you can see how filthy Calvin is from the adventure. Filthy and oh so happy!

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