Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas, Baby, Big Brothers: An Update on it All

So, it's been pretty busy, and if I've had time on the internet, it hasn't really been hands free time so I could type. But here I am, we're back to our school routine with Charlie, and Calvin and Miles are both fast asleep for nap time. Time to update the blog!

Christmas was amazing. I think one of my favorite yet as a parent. Charlie and Calvin really soaked up the reason for Christmas. We had seen a bit of a Christmas show about Santa Clause on TV, and Calvin asked Raymond where Jesus was. Ray explained that some people believe that Christmas is all about presents and that Santa is a character they believe brings the presents, and Jesus is forgotten. Calvin's reply? "That's Silly!" None-the-less we did enjoy giving gifts to one another this year, in joyful recognition of the King who came to rescue us all. Because we are so overjoyed, we give to you these gifts. A true celebration.

And of course, this year we have Miles. Another reason to be filled to the brim with happiness and contentment over our blessed little family life. He is doing so wonderfully. He is a BIG boy with the spirit of a tiny one. Such a little sweetie. He is seven weeks old today. It feels as if he has been with us always, seamlessly slipping in to our family life and routine. He never did have night and day confused, and has been our best sleeper yet, our least picky, our easiest by far. Maybe this is because we feel a confidence as parents at this point, maybe this is because he has been experiencing the ruckus that is our family life since the very first moment he became aware of his senses while still in the womb. I don't know. But life with Miles is a gem. It really is. I love this.

Charlie has adjusted to the change as if no change ever took place. He just kind of let Miles come into his life as if it were a comfortable and familiar sort of change. I guess he has 'been there done that' already as the oldest brother. He gets a little overwhelmed if Miles cries, and will promptly let us know he is crying and we need to pick him up. Yesterday as Charlie was leaving for school he made his rounds of hugs and kisses, and stopped over at Miles swing and gave him a kiss and said "Bye Sweetie!" Ah...

Calvin has found this adjustment challenging. First off he was dealing with illness on his own part, which was tough for him. It was tough for him to have his mommy in need of her own space and recovery. There have been lots of little bumps that made the transition to older-brotherhood more difficult. I can remember the first few days it was just me at home with the kids, Calvin really had a rough go. He was quite put-off by our newest little fellow. There were many fits and passive aggressive gestures. Thank goodness for the distraction of the holidays and family. He has since come to understand that we have a new normal in our house, and has made his adjustments. He is back to being my curious, happy little boy. It made me sad to see him struggle so. To be honest, he is a fantastic big brother, wanting to include Miles in his antics (as much as a 7 week old can), and looks after him. He lets me know just what baby Miles is doing at any given moment. What a good brother.

I am doing great. I feel very well. I feel like I am ready to get out jogging again, but am wondering how that will happen. I haven't even had time to work out using the Wii. There are so many things on the to do list that sort of languish day to day (sure I feel awesome, but I am TIRED!!). The dishes, the laundry. It all kind of gets done in little opportune spurts. We've decided to be gentle on ourselves about the state of our house, and settle for a state of "good enough" by the time we make it to bed most nights. Similarly we are eating real simple these days. Last night was organic tomato soup from a box, grilled cheese sandwiches, and a salad with some strange ingredients. I expect we'll find a way to get the house side of things going a bit more smoothly once our baby is a little bit less dependent. It goes by so fast.

Anyway, that is us. We've had some serious trials trying to work things out as we ALL find our how we fit into our new family dynamic, but mostly, this is joy-filled. A blessing. I look forward to this new year with a lot of excitement. My heart is full.


Runningmama said...

Glad everyone is adjusting well to Miles and it sounds like he is just the perfect baby! We have #3 coming soon and I have to say this post was encouraging to me as I worry about #1 and #2 adjusting and I like your idea about not getting so stressed out about daily household chores!

Liz Scott Adams said...

Kim, I had to be be gentle on myself on the state of my house too at one point and I only have one! And we definitely eat some strange salad ingredients too sometimes. I'm so glad to know it's not just me! The good news is I have found that these things are temporary as the older Sydney gets, the more she pitches in and cleans up after herself. Thank goodness for progress. I always love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to!

Ilisa Ailts said...

Hi Kim,
I found your blog through one of your followers linking up to mine...so I thought I'd check it out because I have a 5.5 month old named Calvin. He has Ds and 2 older brothers. Thought I'd introduce myself and our name (and Ds) connection.

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