Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down Syndrome Adoption

Wasn't really sure what to name this post. The title is a generic way to label something I feel so passionate about. I never thought about adoption much before Charlie was born, well, not beyond "I think that would be cool to do some day."

Two months after Charlie was born we learned he had Down Syndrome. When I think of specific events I can name that were life changing for me, that day ranks right up there is marrying Raymond, and the birth of each of our children. That day, at Charlie's 2 month check up, the doctor shared his suspicion that our boy had Down Syndrome. I can't remember exactly what day it was, March 13th 2006, I think, but it forever changed our lives.

In attempt to keep this whole long story brief ('cause, I'll be honest, it's nap time, and I don't think I have much longer before the boys are up), that day was the beginning of our Down Syndrome journey, which included an introduction to the world of special needs adoption, and learning of the plight of orphans who have Down Syndrome--children who are orphaned *because* they are born with Down Syndrome--in many counties in our world.

I came across a post by a blogging friend today that really touched my heart, and fueled my passion for these very special children. Please check it out here (and oggle her other posts about her two children who have Down Syndrome--her amazing daughter Angela, and their new son Axel, who they recently adopted from Easter Europe):
Garden of Eagen

Also, check out this Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry that Ray and I support:
Reece's Rainbow

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