Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow! You guys are good!

Everyone who guessed which boy was which in the photos in the previous post guessed correctly. Miles is the first photo, and Calvin the second.

Took Miles to the doctor today as he has had a bad cough the last few days. He is doing well. Lungs are clear, and all that. Tomorrow he will be 3 months old, and on the scales today... 17 pounds!!!!


Laurie said...

Well, in my case, since I've never met Miles, I was comparing the newly posted photos with the photo on the right, with all three boys. Looking at that, it was easier to figure out.

the.lilangel said...

Its Miles hair line. In the pics on your siedbar you can see his hair line come to a point. In the new pics you posted one baby had a flat hair line and one didn't lol.

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