Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bits of Life and Feeling Content

I don't always post as regularly as I'd like. This little blog is so dear to me. It is the record of my journey as a mother. The evidence of my boys childhoods. Some kids get beautiful scrap books, my boys have a blog!

So much has been going on lately. I am so thankful for all the business. Our life is often chaotic, and by the time we have set each of our boys in their beds at the end of the day and kissed them each on their little heads, we close their door and flop on the couch in exhaustion. We look at each other like "did we just do that?" It takes almost constant motion and endless creativity to parent this age.

Have I ever said that I never knew the difference between a snowplow and a back-hoe until it became so vital to my role as a mother to two (perhaps three) mechanically impressed boys. We don't just pick up toys at the end of the day, we move them as if we are fork-lifts, cranes, and bulldozers. We are loud, and we talk in robotic voices as our machine arms lift the toys to their places on the shelf.

Calvin has been peeing in the potty this week. Some much welcomed, and maybe needed, progress from my last post. He has been taking himself, so long as we tell him not to. Yes. That's right. We say things like, "gee, I bet Calvin can't go to the potty by himself. I bet he can't push those pants down and sit on the potty. Nope! I bet he can't." So, I guess we figure things out like this as we go along, and whaaalaa! Progress is made.


We went to church today, and I was so blessed. We have the most amazing church. A family style, community oriented church where believer and seeker both feel comfortable to fellowship and be in the presence of Sweet Jesus. Seriously. If you are local to us, please come sometime. The more there are, the sweeter it is.

I was able to sing with Raymond for worship this morning, and if felt so good. Of course there is a never ending supply nurturing women in our church to hold Miles and look after the boys so I am able to do such a thing. I love all those who love our family.

The boys love church. They have the most darling friends. I am so blessed by all the little girls who come to church (not many boys right now). Two little girls in particular are such a salve to my soul. They play with Charlie. It has not occurred to either of them that his differentness is in anyway a hindrance to their games. Sometimes it is difficult for other children to feel automatically comfortable, so I find myself intervening in the play to explain Charlie, or help guide him in what is going on. These two little girls simply play with him. In part it works because they love to pretend to be animals, and Charlie is so great at that.


Our neighbors brought home made cookies over as we were picnicking on our lawn this afternoon. It is so special to live in a small little neighborhood with so many beautiful people on either side of the drive. Beautiful.

And this afternoon I am alternating between getting in some storytelling, and also snuggling a warm baby boy on my bed. I just feel content.


Leah said...

These pictures of your boys are PRICELESS!! Oh, and I really love your church too. :)

Rae said...

Contentment is possibly the best way to be.

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

Where and what time do you meet? And I agree, VERY sweet pictures

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

Where and what time do you meet? And yes, ADORABLE boys you have...

Kim said...

Lindsey, we meet at 10am at the little community center space next to Mosgo's in Arcata. We would love to have your family join us sometime!

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