Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Converstation Between Brothers

A little conversation we had in the van yesterday.

Charlie:  Where's Daddy?

Mommy:  He's working in Blue Lake with Grandpa.

Charlie:  Ohhhhhh!  Boo-ake!!!!  I see.

Calvin:  No Charlie.  It's not Boo-ake.  It's Bwue Wake.

Charlie:  Ohhh.  I see.  Boo-ake.

Calvin:  No Charlie!  Not Boo-ake!  It's Bwue Wake.

Charlie:  No.  Boo-ake.

Calvin:  Charlie!  It's NOT Boo-ake!  Say Bwue. Wake. !!

Charlie:  Boo-ake!

Calvin:  Bwue Wake!  Bwue Wake!  Charlie!

Charlie:  Oh.  I see.  Boo-ake!


mosgomamanpapa said...

I just sit here reading it over and over smiling, and shaking my head. I am sure God listens to us sometimes with the same endearing head shaking, going, "My kids, my kids (sigh). When are they going to hear what I am trying to say instead of arguing over their own interpretations if it."

laura said...

thanks for the dear sweet humor of this...i needed a good smile for today.

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