Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami: We are all Okay.

Got an e-mail from my aunt wanting to know how we faired with the tsunami that hit us this morning here on the North Coast of California. We faired just fine. In fact, Arcata is cushioned from the ocean side by many cow pastures, so it was business as usual. Mostly.

School was canceled, and some businesses remained closed through the day. Coastal areas were evacuated.

There was a little damage here and there. There was devastation of a harbor an hour north in Crescent City, a town suseptable to tsunami. Thankfully they were very prepared, but I do think there were a couple fatalities.

As I told my aunt, we are VERY prepared for tsunami here. This is after the tsunami in Indonesia. The public is well educated, there are many systems in place to warn people (sirens, reverse 911 calls, radio, TV), maps that show where the tsunami areas are, and signs that tell you when you are entering or exiting a tsunami hazard zone.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Northern California Coast did with today's tsunami, check out KHUM's website. scroll down the page to see images and video.

My heart is mostly concerned with the devastation and distruction in Japan. And, I would sincerely ask for your prayers for the Grace family who are missionaries and friends of Ray's Family. The live in Sendai.

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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how you fared.. I am glad your family is unaffected by it. It is amazing how much power lies under the ocean.
Thanks for blogging about it.

Grandma Alice

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