Monday, April 18, 2011

Up the Fun

Guess who is 5 months old?

How did that happen?

Raymond and I comment to each other all the time that 5 months is so little time, yet we feel like we've had this little guy with us always.  He's an easy going guy like that.

Mellow Miles.  Mild Miles.  Mr. Smiles.  Miley-Miles.

He is just what we needed.  Extra work and more demands aside, Miles has helped us to take ourselves less seriously these last few months.  I dare to think life--even potty training--would be more difficult without him.

There are many occasions where, I will admit, my default would be to go into robo-supermom "git' er' done" mode with my bigger boys.  Thankfully the unduly-stern mama face just can't stick around too long with a pudgy, squealing, drooly little lump of squeezy-love attached to my hip.

He ups the fun.  And things still get accomplished somehow.

I wake every morning to this little face staring straight back into mine.

1 comment:

Ilisa Ailts said...

Wow he is adorable. All your boys are and yay for the potty training and no accidents...I'm looking fwd to one less in diapers starting in a month or so. Cute pics!

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