Friday, April 8, 2011

Nama Gale's "Pee from Your Brain" Potty Training Day Camp

The potty training saga continues.

First.  Both boys have made major strides since my last update.  They are both able to be dry all day...  as long as mom and dad remember to take them often enough.  Even Charlie is doing really great.  He is holding it longer and longer between going, and when we sit him on the potty he goes right away, then stands up and says, "I did it!"  We are getting there.

Earlier this week, though, we had a wonderful opportunity to work on some potty independence with my friend and pastor, Gale, who has potty trained a number of children over the years.  Gale's grandson (who calls her "Nama") is the same age as Calvin, and is also working on potty training, so the two boys got together for a potty training day camp time.

Potty? Check.  Extra clothes? Check.  Baby? Check.  Three-year-old with water bottle full of juice in hand? Check.  Now we are ready for a day of Potty Training with Grandma Gale.

Our goal for Calvin for the day was to help him become more aware of the signals his body gives so that he can recognize when he needs to go potty, and then take care of the matter himself.

Gale started with an anatomy lesson, showing the boys the digestive system, how food gets broken down, how it comes out.  The kidneys, the bladder, how the bladder gets filled up and then sends a signal to our brain that tells us we need to go pee.  Calvin soaked up the information.

Then it was time to play.  And wait for someone to have to go potty.  "Don't forget to listen to your body, boys."

The idea with Gale's method is that accidents are learning opportunities.  When the boys had an accident, they were responsible to take off their wet stuff, get new clothes, and practice running to the potty so the next time they would know what to do.

Calvin did a great job listening to his body the first time he had to go.  He ran as fast as he could to the potty, his eyebrows raised with urgency.  Got there just in time.  He was over the moon with pride for himself.  It seemed like a light came on for him.

"I gotta go!"

"I can do it!  I listened to my body, and I did it!"

Calvin got a treat for his effort.  He also got to make a phone call to the person of his choice to share his exciting news.  Calvin chose to call his Grandpa.  The phone call went like this:

Calvin:  Grandpa I went pee!

Grandpa:  Wow, you sound so excited!

Calvin:  I did it!  I went pee!  It came from my brain!

Thus:  Nama Gale's "Pee from Your Brain" Potty Training Day Camp.

"Hey, I think I've got something here."

The next time he had to go, he had an accident.  So he practiced several times running from the spot where he had his accident to his potty.  He did a great job.

The experience was great for Calvin.  He had some really great success and was encouraged in his efforts to be "big".  At home, the practice has not been perfect.  I was hoping to not revert back to pull-ups at all, but that has not happened entirely--mostly, but not completely.  He is actually dry nearly all day, sometimes with an accident during nap time.  It's the poop.  That is not happening in the potty with any kind of consistency, and when I have the baby needing baby things, or Charlie needing Charlie care, then I'll be honest, I'd rather clean poop quickly and easily from a pull-up than have to deal with the mess it makes inside of underpants.  We are getting there, though.  We really are!  I just might survive this.

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