Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Reach Out More

I feel incredibly honored that I have friends, both in real life and on the internet, who consider our little blog worth reading along.  Thank you so much.  Thanks for your support, and indeed scratching my back as a writer and a mom that our story should interest you.  My main goal for this blog have always been:

To chronicle the childhood of my children.

To show friends, family, and others that a life with the challenge and joy of Down Syndrome is just that:  a challenge and a joy, and a lot of "normal" too.  Charlie is doing great.  And so are Miles and Calvin.  We roll with it.  Most of the time.

And last, to encourage parents who are facing a Down Syndrome diagnosis, or who are struggling in some other way with raising a child with Down Syndrome.

I love that word: encourage.  "En" means "to make" or "to put in".  Let me put courage into you with our experience.  Our story.

So this is where I am going to ask for a favor from those who have enjoyed Charlie's Up To...

It turns out, parents raising children who have Down Syndrome do find this blog.  Quite often in fact.  In the past couple days people have landed on my little blogspot when searching the following:

"raising a Down Syndrome Baby"

"Down Syndrome"

"Concerns for babies with Down Syndrome"

"5 year old diagnosed with down Syndrome has low muscle tone"

"baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth"

"Down Syndrome health concerns"

When I see this information on my little site visitor thingy (that would be a technical term), I just want to reach through the screen and offer a big hug.  I want to hold that newborn with Down Syndrome.  Oh how I miss that feeling.  I am in the unique position of saying, "I know how you feel.  And look.  It will be alright.  You can do this."  It gives me renewed passion to keep writing about my family in this public venue.  It encourages me to get this little blog out there.

Will you help me get it out there a little more?

All you have to do to help me reach out a little more on the net is click the button below and vote for Charlie's Up To.  Just look for the picture that I included at the top of this post (I'm kinda towards the bottom right now).  You can do it daily, so I will keep the button on the side bar and on the bottom of my blog posts until the voting period is done.  Thank you so much for helping me to do this.  It means an awful lot.

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