Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Boy is 6 Months Old

We've a six month birthday tradition in our house...


My gosh.  Six months.  Miles, these months have passed by us quickly.  Seamlessly.  Oh, life is crazy around here.  An absolute circus.  But we expected it this time.  Prepared for it, and told ourselves we would not freak out over a sink full of dishes or stray toys in the wrong places or miss matched socks on our feet.

And so, for six sweet months we've been getting to know you.  We've watched you meld into our family, and our family has formed a new spot where you fit so nice.  We have new daily rythms that involve baby-care.  We have new family rules to help excited brothers treat you gently... Though, they are doing their best to help you toughen up for boyhood, let me tell you.

Miles, we have a saying in this house when our day is going poorly.  We say, "Well, at least our baby is cute."  And it is true.  You are so beautiful, and ever willing to offer a smile.  When I wake up to you tugging my hair in the morning, I turn over in bed to find the brightest, most wonderful smiling face.

Six months.  It feels like you've always been a part of us.

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Mona said...

hey! the baby is very cute.I like the 6months birthday tradition.

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