Monday, May 2, 2011

He Takes His Bottle Hamster-Style

So you know how hamsters and rabbits have that bottle with the metal spout hanging upside-down in their cages?  They sort of lick or bite the end of it to get a drink.

Case in point.

I am the mom that could not teach a baby to use a bottle.  I'm great at breastfeeding.  I kick some serious breastfeeding butt.  But the bottle?  Well, it's never happened for me or my guys.

With Charlie, we chalked it up to Down Syndrome.  For Calvin?  Bad luck, I guess.  With Miles?  Well, I think it must be me.

Never-the-less, Miles thinks a bottle is great fun.  He is entertained through an entire meal by a bottle with a half-inch of water in the bottom.

Of course, when it comes to real hunger, there is only one way that satisfies.  And drinking a bottle hamster-style just won't do for that.

1 comment:

katie said...

I love the hat that goes with hamster-style bottle drinking:) He is definitely Ray's son!

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