Saturday, June 25, 2011

The people who write baby sleep books...

...must have all had babies just like Miles. 

Babies who just roll with it, and after sleeping between mommy and daddy for 7 months, think sleeping in his own bed is good enough for him.

Good enough not to fuss.  Good enough not to lay in bed awake.  Good enough to drift swiftly, quietly, and soundly to sleep.  On his own.  Just like the "the books" say is possible.

I always say Miles is the kind of baby that convinces parents to have a multitude of babies.  (We are not tricked by his ease and mellow nature, however.  We've got our spunky Calvin to remind us some babies are born with a strong opinion on everything.)

Hey, after Charlie and Calvin, who nearly did me in were a tough sell (and still are!) over bed time, do I dare say we 'deserved' an easy sleeper in Miles.

I'm knocking on wood.

And I'm getting more rest.

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