Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Steps Forward

The first week of Summer vacation has come and gone.  We spent the entire thing quite ill.  Well, I spent it ill, as did Charlie.  At this writing, Calvin and Miles have also come down with fevers.  Only Ray has been spared this week, though I think he might like to have a turn so he can have a break from waiting on everyone else.

(Happy Fathers Day, by the way Ray.  You totally rock our world, and have proved it many times over these past few weeks of illness, moving, helping out family, and doing everything else you do without complaint.  He is awesome everybody.  He really is.)

Despite the crazy virus sweeping through, which I am calling "the crazy-bad pink-eye flu", the first week of summer vacation went very well.

Charlie plays by himself very well now, and has a fantastic imagination.

I was not expecting "well".  I'll be honest.  Sometimes weeks off from school can be really hard.  Charlie can be difficult to parent, and five whole days of Charlie can add up to a lot of overwhelm for me and the brothers.

But things are different this time.  We have our lovely, larger-than-tiny home now.  There is space for the kids to spread out a bit from each other.  And with all the different rooms and two levels and nooks and crannies (really, our new house has nooks and crannies that I LOVE), even on a day where the pollen is so bad outside that I just cannot get out we can move from bedroom to loft to playroom to kitchen, and at the end of it we feel as if we actually got out and did something.  Our scenery changed.  We feel sane.

We play trains a lot.

But it is not all house.  Charlie deserves credit for much of how sane and smooth the week went by.  He has come a long way since last Summer.

He is better able to entertain himself in non-destructive to the house and brother kind of ways.  He is less likely to run off or actively try to escape from places (like the house or yard).  Still not trusting him completely, but it is not incessant.   He is better able to understand instruction, and more likely to comply.  He understands the difference between mom's regular voice, and mom's serious you-better-think-about-obeying-me voice. 

This guy has been busy figuring out how to crawl.  Almost there!

Really my worst complaint for Charlie lately is his attitude.  Sounds so typical, right?  It is!  We work a lot lately on using a normal voice instead of whining.  I say a lot "Charlie, if you whine then you will have time out."  His reply?  "Okay,  I happy!"

Sometimes it takes comparing one year to the next to realize we have made he has made progress.  But that is okay.  Progress is being made!  It feels so good to discover this.

Two more weeks of summer break until summer school begins.  I'm looking forward to it.

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Ilisa Ailts said...

I love hearing about Charlie as my little Calvin is such a mystery for me yet.

My 2.5 yr old is much better than this summer than last as well, so I think of him when you talk about year to year progress. It is hard when they are busy and destructive and do not listen to our directives! Your house sounds amazing!

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