Saturday, June 4, 2011

We're Moving

Oh, blog neglect!

We've been so busy.  Last weekend we made the drive down to Great Grandma Chalmers home to help in a major moving and downsizing effort.  I want to blog about that experience.  I'm still thinking on it. 

Also, we are moving.  About 50 yards.  A larger house.  A fenced yard.  And, I am assured, a gate to keep Charlie back from the busy street in the works.  Internet services will be down for a bit, so more blog neglect is coming.

For now, I want to leave you with a few sweet Calvinisms: 

Charlie and Calvin sitting together at Great Grandma's organ:

Calvin: Charlie, it's an Organ.  Say "Organ."

Charlie:  Ohhhhgaaaannnn.

Calvin:  Or-gan, Charlie.  K-N-O-O-I.  Organ!

Calvin helping "Papa Moose" inflate his new blow-up mattress:

Calvin:  (Very excited about the mattress.)  Papa Moose!  Can I sleep on your new mattress tonight with you and your friend?

Papa Moose:  Uh.  I don't know if there will be room.  By the way, who is my friend?

Calvin:  Nana!  (The rest of the weekend Nana was referred to as Papa's "Friend".)

Calvin snuggling on mama's lap feeling sulky:

Mommy:  Calvin, what's the matter?  You seem sad.

Calvin:  I wish I was still the littlest.

Mommy:  Oh, I see.  Sometimes it's hard to be a big brother and not the baby.

Calvin:  Ya, it is...  There's babies all over this town!

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