Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He just can't help himself...

Some recent Calvinisms from our Middlest son:

Mr. Brown Eyes.

(Reading the Book "Abuelo and the Three Bears" with Auntie Renee, in which Papa bear is feeling grumpy about his frijoles being too hot.)

Aunt Renee:  Papa bear is feeling Grumpy.  Do you think your Papa ever feels grumpy?
Calvin:  Yep.  Sometimes.
Aunt Renee:  What about you?  Do you ever feel grumpy?
Calvin:  Yep.  Every day!

His little art studio in the garage.  He specializes in "vehicles".

Calvin:  Are you a girl?
Mommy: Yes.
Calvin:  Are you a wife girl?
Mommy:  Yes, I am.
Calvin:  All mixed up?
Mommy:  Probably so.

Mom, quick!  Bring the camera!  I made a really long train!

Calvin, examining the picture on the Caesar Salad Dressing label, declared the girl on the label (Caesar) had spinach in her hair (a laurel crown).  Using his 3 year old skills of deduction, he then told us he had figured out what the writting on the label said:

"It says, 'We don't put spinach in our hair, we put it in our mouth.  This is the truth!'"

He wants to be a train engineer when he grows up.

Calvin is at his first ever Vacation Bible School today.  I dropped him off this morning at Calvary Chapel, and he is so excited.  Anxiety about doing a new thing?  Nope.  Not if there are friends to be made, crafts to be done, huge tunnels meant to imitate the belly of a whale to be explored.  He's the full package, that Calvin.  Outgoing, sensitive, witty, decisive, industrious.  We call him our "Middlest", because plain old Middle just does not do him justice.


Cindy said...

What a great guy he is! Love the pictures... and his 'studio' in the garage!

Ilisa Ailts said...

Just catching up! Great photos and many praises for writing a novel! I will read it!

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