Thursday, August 25, 2011


We have good friends who have a daughter with Down Syndrome one year younger than Charlie.  We joke that we are 'all messed up' about knowing when children are 'supposed' to reach developmental milestones.

Charlie was our first, so we just learned to take development as it came, as labored as it was at times.  It still feels like a surprise, a special bonus gift, every time he takes a developmental leap.  It's an awesome feeling, the pride.  He has become so clever and brilliant.

And then there was Calvin, who even now seems a little genius to me.  So really, he's very normal developmentally, but it just amazes me the way learning occurs.  So effortless.  It's as if he was created to be a learner.

And now Miles.  Our sweet baby boy exploring and learning as quickly as he can.  I will never tire of watching my children figure things out.  Invent their little games.  He discovered that he likes to 'put things in'.  (I hope this means he will be tidy.)

Here he is searching out only pieces to our train set, and filling the laundry basket bit by bit.  Calvin did not find the entertainment in this as I sat on the playroom floor with the camera.  Charlie cheered.  I could watch for hours.  These three amazing fella's of mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What it's worth

They have a saying up here in Humboldt, "The Bay is the Pay".  In other words, in a setting like this, way up here in beautiful, rural Humboldt County, many of us forfeit higher salaries in exchange for staying in the area, enjoying the richness that all the natural creation affords us.

Our little family has even more riches than the bay, the redwoods, the river, the coastline.  We have our family.  Last weekend we gladly got to go to one of the boys favorite Humboldt spots, to see some of their favorite people, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kassi at their cattle Ranch in the mountains just east of where we live.  Oh, it was beautiful.

We held puppies, saw some cows, watched horses whinny and kick about.  We jumped on the trampoline, tried the hammock, enjoyed ribs cooked on an open fire, ate apples straight from the tree, and celebrated Kassi's birthday.

These are the moments that I covet the most.  Friends, family, the sight of the smaller kids plotting along like little ducks in a row after the bigger kids.  Everyone having so much fun, forgetting our cares, enjoying the beautiful, beautiful natural beauty of this place we call home.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Only thoughts

It's been a beautiful summer.  A slow summer for the blog.  Just busy, I guess.  Here a a few random thoughts on life around here.  And some lovely memories from a recent trip to Moonstone Beach with our dear Clement friends.

Age five is WAY more becoming on Charlie than was age 4.  Last summer had me pretty scared and discouraged to have him home for this summer, but he has been great.  Mostly, his wining and meltdowns are now minimal, and his comprehension is increased so much that if he does misbehave he now understands "time-out" and will learn from his mistakes.

Summer is full of get-togethers.  Barn dances.  Band practice.  Festivals.  Family.  Friends coming to visit.  Despite the grass pollen that always makes me start to entertain thoughts of moving somewhere less, well, grassy, these moments of community anchor me to this area in a way that feels so... like home.  It feels so good to feel like this place is "home".  It's taken ten years, and I still miss my mountain home.

I'm working on a book.  I guess it is a novel.  It's funny, I always thought if I wrote a book it would be some piece of practical non-fiction.  But after reading a friends lovely novel, The Eve Tree, I was not only amazed at her accomplishment and enthralled by her storytelling (and the fact that I know her--she's a real person with children... and she wrote a novel), I began to think of the benefits of a novel.  The ability to discuss things important, or to face places of fear, all within the beauty of a story.  It seems a more realistic, personal way to impart wisdom to others (wisdom.  Oh dear.).  Well, whatever it is, I'm realizing this could take me years to finish at the rate I'm going.  And I wonder if I really will.

Miles is big.  He is so sweet and smiley and "talks" in the funniest high pitch squeals.  He can say "Dada" and I swear I thought I heard him say "ball" but it could have been coincidence.

I have several old dresses, pants, and shirts I am recreating into new versions of themselves.  One reason is nursing a baby is kinda hard to do in a dress, so there are some dresses that have not been worn since Charlie was born (because I have literally been breastfeeding for that long straight--do the math).  But also, maybe I'm not the same level of "hippy" as I thought I was when I moved up here (well, except for the marathon breastfeeding).  Somehow a patchwork skirt is a little less of a statement than an entire patchy dress.  Well, I hope I don't screw them up.  I'm kinda winging it here with this sewing business.

It's my birthday in a month.  I'll be thirty one.  I am still waiting to feel like I have "arrived" in my adult life.  After marriage, a college degree, three children, and now the big three-one, I am really beginning to wonder what event will finally bring this feeling.
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