Sunday, August 7, 2011

Only thoughts

It's been a beautiful summer.  A slow summer for the blog.  Just busy, I guess.  Here a a few random thoughts on life around here.  And some lovely memories from a recent trip to Moonstone Beach with our dear Clement friends.

Age five is WAY more becoming on Charlie than was age 4.  Last summer had me pretty scared and discouraged to have him home for this summer, but he has been great.  Mostly, his wining and meltdowns are now minimal, and his comprehension is increased so much that if he does misbehave he now understands "time-out" and will learn from his mistakes.

Summer is full of get-togethers.  Barn dances.  Band practice.  Festivals.  Family.  Friends coming to visit.  Despite the grass pollen that always makes me start to entertain thoughts of moving somewhere less, well, grassy, these moments of community anchor me to this area in a way that feels so... like home.  It feels so good to feel like this place is "home".  It's taken ten years, and I still miss my mountain home.

I'm working on a book.  I guess it is a novel.  It's funny, I always thought if I wrote a book it would be some piece of practical non-fiction.  But after reading a friends lovely novel, The Eve Tree, I was not only amazed at her accomplishment and enthralled by her storytelling (and the fact that I know her--she's a real person with children... and she wrote a novel), I began to think of the benefits of a novel.  The ability to discuss things important, or to face places of fear, all within the beauty of a story.  It seems a more realistic, personal way to impart wisdom to others (wisdom.  Oh dear.).  Well, whatever it is, I'm realizing this could take me years to finish at the rate I'm going.  And I wonder if I really will.

Miles is big.  He is so sweet and smiley and "talks" in the funniest high pitch squeals.  He can say "Dada" and I swear I thought I heard him say "ball" but it could have been coincidence.

I have several old dresses, pants, and shirts I am recreating into new versions of themselves.  One reason is nursing a baby is kinda hard to do in a dress, so there are some dresses that have not been worn since Charlie was born (because I have literally been breastfeeding for that long straight--do the math).  But also, maybe I'm not the same level of "hippy" as I thought I was when I moved up here (well, except for the marathon breastfeeding).  Somehow a patchwork skirt is a little less of a statement than an entire patchy dress.  Well, I hope I don't screw them up.  I'm kinda winging it here with this sewing business.

It's my birthday in a month.  I'll be thirty one.  I am still waiting to feel like I have "arrived" in my adult life.  After marriage, a college degree, three children, and now the big three-one, I am really beginning to wonder what event will finally bring this feeling.


Kelley said...

my girlfriends i discussed feeling grown up (or just plain old) recently (I'm older than you by the way!) and for some it was having to wear glasses every day, some it was having to take medicine everyday, as well as the predictable house payment, being a mom.

I guess it means you are young at heart and will stay that way. Yay!

julie6566 said...

Kim, you are an amazing and beautiful woman inside and out. I'm not sure if you will ever "feel" like you have arrived. I know that at the ripe old age of 45, I still wonder about myself. But you do have wisdom to share and that's what is important.
You've spoken to my heart through your blog many times and I thank you for that. Keep writing and growing and loving your family like you do.

katie said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. I haven't even downloaded my own yet. We had such a wonderful, beautiful time with your family. I loved getting to know your boys, Miles and Calvin for the first time. Thank you for opening your home to us. We loved seeing all of you again and miss you! The girls are still talking about Charlie, Calvin and Miles, their time on the beach, and the huge trees they saw (on the drive out).

Kim, thank you for always encouraging me to be a better parent through your blog. It is such a breath of fresh air for me, a reminder of why I do what I do and to keep on keeping on even when the going gets tough.

Jo Miller said...

Wow, I was just scrolling through your blog and enjoying your comments and insights and then I find this post with my daughter and two of my granddaughters in it. Thanks for posting and for opening your home to my family. It is sweet to have this little touch of home when I am so far away in Papua New Guinea.
Jo Miller or Grandma Jo to Katie and clan

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