Thursday, August 25, 2011


We have good friends who have a daughter with Down Syndrome one year younger than Charlie.  We joke that we are 'all messed up' about knowing when children are 'supposed' to reach developmental milestones.

Charlie was our first, so we just learned to take development as it came, as labored as it was at times.  It still feels like a surprise, a special bonus gift, every time he takes a developmental leap.  It's an awesome feeling, the pride.  He has become so clever and brilliant.

And then there was Calvin, who even now seems a little genius to me.  So really, he's very normal developmentally, but it just amazes me the way learning occurs.  So effortless.  It's as if he was created to be a learner.

And now Miles.  Our sweet baby boy exploring and learning as quickly as he can.  I will never tire of watching my children figure things out.  Invent their little games.  He discovered that he likes to 'put things in'.  (I hope this means he will be tidy.)

Here he is searching out only pieces to our train set, and filling the laundry basket bit by bit.  Calvin did not find the entertainment in this as I sat on the playroom floor with the camera.  Charlie cheered.  I could watch for hours.  These three amazing fella's of mine.
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