Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So that's ONE in Diapers!!!

I gotta say, I doubted the day would come, but...

CHARLIE GOT IT!  He did it, and he's done with diapers!  Well, in the day time, anyway.

I am so proud, and over the moon.  It has been a looooong road (nearly 3 years of potty training!), but he was just ready, and he did it, practically overnight.

He started wearing underwear at school this Fall.  He has a set schedule there, everything is predictable, and he learned when he could expect to go.  He has been dry all day most every day at school.

Home was still another matter.  We tried taking him at natural breaks in our home activities, but we just don't do the same exact schedule day after day here, so he just did not try to hold out for a potty opportunity.

Enter The Potty Watch.  An ugly, silly little watch shaped like a toilet.  It "sings" every 30, 60, or 90 minutes.  The day I gave it to Charlie I put it on his wrist and told him, "When the watch sings it will be potty time," and I set it for the 30 minute interval.

Well, it sang, and Charlie danced his little self to the toilet to go.  30 minutes later it sang again, and again he went.  30 more minutes went by... you get the point.  He's been dry, save for a random accident here or there, ever since.  That was a week ago.  We even went on a road trip over the weekend, and he stayed dry.  He's going every 60 to 90 minutes now, no problem.  He's wearing boxer briefs, and looking all slim without that bulky pull-up.  He is so proud of himself.  He knows he is Big Stuff now.

He's got a little ways to go, yet.  He needs to learn to initiate his toileting himself.  He has a lot of trouble managing his clothing, still.  And then, there is night-time to conquer (seriously, how did any of us ever learn to wake up and use the bathroom at night?!).  But we are getting there.  We've got the biggest chunk of the puzzle down.  Wow.  It's party time!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

His trendy little self.

Oh my.  This smiley boy is sooooo cute!

Look at him in his new amber teething necklace.

Daddy says it makes him look like a true Humboldt baby.

You know... all-natural, and stuff.

Wait.  Is that the beginning of a dreadlock there on the side of his head?

Just kidding.  (We don't want to push Daddy over the edge.)

Oh my goodness.  He is just so sweet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Year

Well, are we on week three or four of school?  I can't even remember.

The first day of school came, we all woke up at the usual early hour, had breakfast, then mentioned to Charlie that the bus would come soon, so we needed to get him dressed.  He complied happily. He did a few joyous dances about the bus coming.  Kissed everyone soundly.  Then bounded down the driveway with Daddy to board the bus to school.

Everything has gone equally as cheerful and 'old-hat' as ever.

There is a new Speech Therapist, and Charlie has not warmed up to her just yet, I hear.  I doubt it will take him long.  He has been coming out of his shell with so much more ease these days.  A lot of the former anxieties seeming to have melted away.  He is so mature all of a sudden.

There is a new playground at school.  It sounds awesome, but I haven't made the drive to see it.  School is like this whole other life my son has.  He can't really tell me about it, so I only hear snatches of that life from his teacher in e-mails.  It is sort of weird, and makes me sad that I am not there in it.  It is his, and it exists away from us.

Charlie is wearing UNDERWEAR at school now.  And doing awesome with it.  It does not go nearly as awesome at home.  At school the schedule changes seldom, and he knows exactly how long he needs to hold it.  At home we don't have that rigid time-line of events, and despite taking him often, he rarely holds it if he needs to go in between potty breaks.  He is getting better, but yesterday peed his pants 3 times in two hours.  We're working on it.  We are going to give him a watch with a timer to see if he will learn to hold it until his watch beeps, and then take himself.  Like I said, he is so mature now, and it seems like potty independence, and so many other skills, are at the brink of his ability.  He is so close.

This is Charlie's last year as a preschooler--a bonus year to shore up some basic skills (he's 5 1/2 now).  It's sort of a big year.  To me it feels Huge.  We are facing big decisions about Charlie's education for next year.  I feel lost in it all, and pretty stressed out about it.  Yeah.

We found out the local class for moderate to sever disability that we considered is really not an option, unless we want him to be the only kindergartner in a class full of 10+ year olds sitting at desks doing academic work.  No thanks.  He's small for his age to begin with.  And sit at a desk?  Not likely.  Not appropriate.  Not fun.  The only option for him in our town then, is a mild to moderate program.  Everyone I speak to thinks he is probably just at the brink of moderate... just might be a good fit.  Otherwise our options are the school he is at now, or one even further away.  (His current school is 30 minutes away one way.)

I had hoped so much to bring Charlie to school closer to home.  He is gone too long, too far, and too disconnected for me to do this for the long haul.  So we are praying.  We are investigating every avenue including homeschool, independent study, and moving to be near the schools in Eureka.  Of course if the mild/moderate program is a fit, then none of this worry will really matter.  There are other considerations besides those listed, though.  It just feels like a mountain.  We are trusting God with this, always in prayer about it.  But I'll be honest, in all the patience I've learned as direct result of parenting this beautiful Charlie-boy, this is one situation where I just have a hard time being still.  I want this decision to move forward.  I want to know what is ahead.  And at the very least, I wish everything seemed less murky and more promising in my heart.

The good news is Charlie is oblivious to all of this.  He is enjoying himself so much, a cherished part of his school community, a bright boy who loves to learn and please others and make friends.  I always wanted more inclusion for him, and yet seeing him thrive at his school where he has friends--true friends--who are at his level, makes me wonder if we should move him... or what we should do.  I wish these decisions could be made for us... Like God would simply cross out all poor options in some divine fashion.  I think, though, that we are going to face some tough choices, and we will need to put blinders to all factors, pressures, and desires of others or our former selves, and look at our son and family and make the best decision for us all as a unit--a family community.  Afterall, Charlie could be with us his whole life long.  We need to do what is best for us all.  I wonder what that will be.

Anyway, to be continued I guess.  Things are good.  Especially for our special boy.  He is doing fantastic... and loving his wonderful life.  And we are, too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So much to say...

about these guys:

But mostly, this guy:

And a little bit about this one, here:

We've been in the midst of school getting started, and many other things afoot that just keep mommy swimming in head space, and not so much at the keyboard.

With so much to share, so much going on, so much growing and learning and changing, I hope to get some writing time the next few days... so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

He says to me..

This afternoon I picked up a hanger that was in a pile of Calvin's things, and he says,

"Stop!  That is my tool!"

"Oh, sorry.  Here you go," I say.

"I need this to make my babies," he dutifully informs me.

Reminds me of Ray's smug answer he used to give when we were first married and friends would ask when we planned to have children.  Ray used to say, "Just as soon as we learn how."

Of course, now people ask us when we will stop, so we say, "Just as soon as we figure out why it keeps happening."

Well, according to Calvin there are tools involved.  Next he tells me, "I'm making baby girls, here."

Okay, you have my attention. 

We apparently have a lot to learn about making babies around here.  Especially how to get a girl baby.  Thankfully, Calvin is full of ideas and methods.

But before you think we Robinson's are ready for another baby around the house, Calvin's finished this bit of education by pointing to Miles and saying, "I'm just going to get rid of this guy here, and make  a baby girl for us, and name her Beeber."

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  And lets maybe leave the name choosing to Mom and Dad, shall we?

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