Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Miles Benjamin

A year?  Really?  A whole year.  Gosh, Miles, it's hard to believe.

Look how big and clever and wonderful you are!

You are a people person.  You delight in connection, casting glances our way always wanting to know we are with you in your experience of... whatever your doing at the moment.  A community kind of guy.

You love puzzles and toys that you can manipulate and figure out.  I always wondered why we ever bothered giving toys to your brothers who would pass them up for exploring other items or things... until you.  You love toys.  You love to figure them out, never tiring of them, recreating how you play with them every time.  Your favorite toy is a set of nesting cups which you work tirelessly to nest in the correct order, or stack until they tumble down.  I love to watch you.

You can say "Mama".  I love that.  You can say "bye-bye" and wave.  You are learning some signs as we casually teach them to you.  "More" and "all done" so far.  You understand so much, though.  Today you understood me when I said, "Show brother your cup."  I can hardly wait to see you come into your own this year.  Connection is so important to you, and communication will only open up that world for you.  I can tell already that it is satisfying to you to work out what's going on and be a part of it.

It was Uncle Russel's Birthday, too!

You love your brothers.  I wish you could see your own face when you see them.  You follow them all over the house, walking just like they do (even though crawling is still much faster).  (You learned to walk last week.)  You imitate them in play, and try as you might to join along.  We even suspect you might be left handed like Charlie.  They are wonderful role models for you, and love you so deeply.

What a year Miles!  Happy Birthday sweet son.  We love you so very much!

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