Thursday, December 1, 2011


Getting behind on blogging is like getting behind on the laundry.  Eventually you have a huge pile, and no time to catch up.

I'm behind on both.  But lets hope I can take a little bite out of each this week.

We went to Fort Collins area, CO for Thanksgiving week.  It was an amazing trip out to visit Auntie Laurie and Uncle Tim on the lovely Golden Gaits Ranch.

It was more than just a trip, but a much needed respite. 

And experience of a lifetime for the boys.

We spent many hours out on the ranch, doing "ranch chores" and hanging out with "the kids"--Tim and Laurie's horses, Breggo, Stridor, and Cody.

We flew on an airplane.  That was a new experience with kids.  Charlie is now two for two with airplane trips having some kind of bodily fluid disaster.  We will spare you.  We just will.  Let's just say this go around we had extra clothing for him (his first trip on a plane at 18 months he rode home naked... oops).  What we didn't have were spare jeans for Daddy.  Next time.

We went up to Estes Park in the mountains, and to Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Amazing.  So inspiring.  We were in the shadow of the Rockies all week when we were not in them.

Thank you, Laurie and Tim, for such a wonderful time.  We needed that.


Laurie said...

And we enjoyed having you here!
Love you all... Auntie Laurie

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Great pictures! We'd love to meet you if you ever make it back to CO again! :)

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