Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes it's time for more Calvinisms...

I haven't posted any Calvinisms in a while.  I post these pretty regularly on Facebook, and try to get them up here to share with the folks not on Facebook.  As Calvin would say, "So... here they are!"

I overheard Calvin remark "Oh a spider."  I look over to see him cheerfully watch a spider crawl the length of this arm.  Disturbed by this site, I rush over--calmly--and say, " let me get that for you" as I brush the spider away.  Calvin gives me a quizical look, so I explain that spiders are really neat to watch, but we don't want them crawling on our skin.  Calvin's response:  "Oh...  Why?  Do they have dirty feet?"

From the back seat on the way to Charlie's school:
Calvin:  Charlie, I would like to go to school with you, but I just can't.  I don't have Down Syndrome like you do, Charlie.  So that's why.
Charlie:  Oh....  I see.

At the Dick Taylor Chocolate Factory with Nana and Papa:
Calvin:  I like Madagascar Chocolate.  What region do you like your chocolate from, Nana?

At bed time, after reading the story of creation:
Daddy:  Can you boys think of some ways we can help keep God's world beautiful?
Calvin:  More hugs!

Calvin comes up with the funnest names for things when he plays:
One day he was pretending to care for baby mice.  He named them Joop, Cheese, and Zecharaymond.

Sometimes Calvin like to pretend to own a workshop.  I'm honestly not sure what they work on there, but when this is the case Calvin becomes Donny-belle, Charlie is a name that I cannot even begin to figure out how to spell out, and Miles is Konky-Konk.  Actually, Konky-Konk seems so appropriate for Miles at this just-learning-to-walk stage, that we refer to him as Konky-Konk often.

Just yesterday Calvin opened up a tire repair shop in the livingroom.  He calls it "Casa-Billy Tire Shop."

Calvin playing cars:  Jail is very, very jail-y, and you don't want to go there!  So, be nice, Mater!

Calvin asked me a question.  I answered as best I could, and must have done well, because Calvin proceeded to tell me that I "smashed that one on the head."

Calvin: Mom, when I turn 5 and get Down Syndrome like Charlie, may I go to his school?

And last, but not least, a Charlie-ism from our big boy who is talking more and more these days:
Mommy:  Charlie, what was your favorite part of the day?
Charlie:  My dragon!
Mommy:  Did you have any disappointments?
Charlie:  Um...  I  love cupcakes!

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