Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Charlie

My Charlie boy is 6 today.

Oh Charlie.  I just can't help but look at you, so grown up, so clever, and so, so special to me, and remember that first day.  You were the smallest, most beautiful person I had ever seen.

You are our first.  The boy who made us parents.  Our first.

Gosh Chars, I just can't believe how the time has flown right by us.  Now you are six.  And you are so wonderful.

You are our imaginative boy.  Always toting around your 'pals', making up games, having adventures.

You are talking so well and so much.  I love to hear what is on your mind.  Your thoughts are precious to me. 

Charlie, what will the year ahead hold?  There is so much ahead of us.  And grand adventure.  I am BLESSED to be your mama.  Just as you are.  Always.  You are WONDERFUL.

Happy Birthday Big Boy.  You're SIX!



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