Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Interview with the Birthday Boy

Mommy:  Calvin, we are going to do a Birthday interview for the blog.
Calvin:  What's an innerview?
Mommy: It's when I ask you questions and you answer them.
Calvin:  Why?
Mommy:  For fun.  Are you ready?

Mommy:  What's your name?
Calvin:  Calvin B. Zerbit!

Mommy:  Okaaaaaay.  How old are you?
Calvin:  Forty-five.
Mommy:  But how old are you turning today?

Mommy: Mr. Zerbit, what is your favorite color?
Calvin: I like green.

Mommy:  And who are your best friends?
Calvin:  Charlie and Miles!

Mommy:  What do you want for your Birthday?
Mommy: What if I can't find a hot rod?  Is something else okay?

Mommy:  What is your favorite thing to play?
Calvin:  I like to play twinkle toes.
Mommy:  What's that?
Calvin:  It's a game Charlie and me made up.
Mommy:  How do you play it?
Calvin:  You just twinkle your toes, and that's how.

Mommy:  What do you want to do for your birthday?
Calvin:  I want a pi-ya-ta, and a REALLY big cinnamon roll.

Mommy:  What do you hope to accomplish in this next year now that you are four?
Calvin:  What's accompwish?
Mommy:  Something you want to try really hard to do, and then finally do it.
Calvin:  Why?
Mommy:  Well, it would make you feel good and big.
Calvin:  Well.... I don't want to accomwlish something.
Mommy:  That's okay.  Do you want to say anything else for your Birthday interview?
Calvin:  I will want a chocolate cake at my birthday, too!

(Later Calvin came to me and told me that actually there is one thing he would like to 'accompwish' this next year.  He said he would like to get a really big 'fwashwight'.  So there you go!:)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Four Years Ago Today...

Four years ago today I was in labor with my second son, Calvin David.  Oh the excitement knowing "today will be the day we meet our sweet baby boy."

Four years ago tomorrow, Calvin David was born at home. :)

Oh Calvin!  What a boy he is.  The sentiment in this house is often, "Where did we get this boy, and what should we do with him?"

Calvin was an early talker, and has been asking Why? ever since he learned the word.  Some days he wakes up singing, and just does not stop singing or asking Why for the rest of the day.  He makes us smile, he makes us drop our foreheads into our hands, he makes us laugh, and he makes us so, so proud.

Happy Almost Birthday, Calvin David!  How we love you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

25 Things About Miles

The other night Ray and I were looking back in the blog trying to remember when Calvin started talking (thank goodness I keep a blog to record these things!).  We ran across an old post titled 25 Things about Calvin, posted when Calvin was just about Miles' age.  Well, it's Miles' turn then!

25 Things about Miles Benjamin

1. Miles will be 16 months old on the 16th of this month.

2. I never thought I would have a child named Miles, but it is a name that seems to suite Miles very well, and I love it.

3.  Miles was our only child who we 'decided' to try for.  We 'tried' for one day, then decided we must be nuts, and stopped trying.  Well, once was enough, and we are so, SO grateful for our sweet little man.

4.  Miles is a go with the flow kind of guy.  If his brothers do something, Miles naturally falls in line.  Lucky for Miles, he has two excellent role models in his brothers.  At 16 months he is just another part of the little boy crew around here.

5.  Miles favorite toy these days seems to be our little wood train set. 

6.  Last week in one day Miles bit the tip of a crayola marker, sucked all the ink out of another, tried to shampoo his hair with mud in yard, right after tasting same mud.  He sampled the play-doh, and sipped the water we were using for our watercolor brushes... And that was just what he did that I caught him at!  He is a very busy little guy these days, leaving no stone unturned.

7.  Miles prefers to draw with markers over crayons, and he is most definitely left handed.  That is now 2 kids on team left, Calvin being our only right handed child. 

8.  Miles insists on feeding himself big boy food these days.  He prefers to use a spoon or fork over just his fingers, unless there is sauce to dip in.

9.  Miles has two words, Mama and Dada.  He is my first child to learn to say "Mama" as a first word, and has been saying it for months.

10.  While Miles has no other words or signs, he is a superb communicator.  We are never at a loss for what he is needing to tell us.  He has a way of making things abundantly clear with babble, pointing, gestures, and glances.

11.  Miles may not have any other words (or many approximations for that matter), but has loads of sound effects!  All sorts of different motor sounds come from this little guy.  So far the only animal sound he has is a roar, and all his animals use it. 

12.  Tonight after I changed his diaper, Miles took it, toddled into the kitchen, and tossed it in the trash.

13.  Miles and Charlie have become supreme little playmates.  Charlie has really blossomed as a big brother, and will entertain Miles with silly little games they create together. 

14.  Miles is a great eater.  He is limited only by his lack of teeth and jaw strength at this point.  He will eat spicy, sweet, tangy, bitter, hot, cold, veggies, you name it.  His favorite lately is plain old Avocado.  If he spots one on the counter, he'll be after you until you give him some!

15.  Miles is a Mommy's boy.  He has been since the beginning of his little life.  Of all our children he suffers the most extreme stranger anxiety.  We have never forced this issue with him or made a big deal about it, and he is slowly improving.

16.  Miles is a cuddler.  We've found in parenting that some kids are just more cuddly than others.  Miles is on the 'very cuddly' side of the spectrum.  I like that a lot.

17.  Miles' first two teeth popped through his gums about a week before he turned 4 months old... pretty early!  We are waiting 4 more teeth to come through right now and he'll have a full set (well, until the 2 year molars... and then the 5 year molars...).

18.  When Miles gets sick he spikes crazy high fevers.  Just a weird random thing about him, I guess.  They are usually up on the 102-104F range.  The highest ever was over 105F!  Came right down in the bath, but we now know to keep a keen eye on our little guy.

19.  Miles really loves animals.  I wish so much to be able to get him a dog.  He would be thrilled!

20.  Miles sleeps on a big boy mattress on the floor in our room.  We are counting on 'peer pressure' from his brothers to help him transition into the kids room in time.  For now I think it is safer for him to be in with us than with those high energy boys.

21.  When Miles sleeps on his hair funny he will frequently wake up with the all the hair on the side of his head sticking straight out.  We think it makes him look like a Rockhopper Penguin.

22.  Miles has some nicknames:  Milos, Milushki, My-My, and Conky Conk.

23.  It's amazing to me to see how younger siblings differ from their older sibs.  Especially with Miles having Calvin as his 'typical' older brother.  Miles seems so savvy to the games the kids play, the way sharing and trading toys takes place.  Already he knows if his brother is trying to dupe him by trading him a less-desirable toy.  He is so alert to his brothers at all times--a sort of self preservation (or just trying to guard his toys).  He is so amazingly clever!  I love to watch him as he figures things out.

24.  As Ray has said, "It is just so amazing that one moment he can be making really complicated connections between things and then figure out how to communicate that without even using words, and then the next moment he is laying on his back totally tripping out over his feet."  Yep.  That sums up this little toddler.

25.  Miles is the blue-eyed boy of our bunch.  We now have one blue-eyed boy, a brown-eyed boy (Calvin), and a Hazel boy (Charlie).  And all of them so beautiful, and full of life and mischief and wonder.  This is one busy house!
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