Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Interview with the Birthday Boy

Mommy:  Calvin, we are going to do a Birthday interview for the blog.
Calvin:  What's an innerview?
Mommy: It's when I ask you questions and you answer them.
Calvin:  Why?
Mommy:  For fun.  Are you ready?

Mommy:  What's your name?
Calvin:  Calvin B. Zerbit!

Mommy:  Okaaaaaay.  How old are you?
Calvin:  Forty-five.
Mommy:  But how old are you turning today?

Mommy: Mr. Zerbit, what is your favorite color?
Calvin: I like green.

Mommy:  And who are your best friends?
Calvin:  Charlie and Miles!

Mommy:  What do you want for your Birthday?
Mommy: What if I can't find a hot rod?  Is something else okay?

Mommy:  What is your favorite thing to play?
Calvin:  I like to play twinkle toes.
Mommy:  What's that?
Calvin:  It's a game Charlie and me made up.
Mommy:  How do you play it?
Calvin:  You just twinkle your toes, and that's how.

Mommy:  What do you want to do for your birthday?
Calvin:  I want a pi-ya-ta, and a REALLY big cinnamon roll.

Mommy:  What do you hope to accomplish in this next year now that you are four?
Calvin:  What's accompwish?
Mommy:  Something you want to try really hard to do, and then finally do it.
Calvin:  Why?
Mommy:  Well, it would make you feel good and big.
Calvin:  Well.... I don't want to accomwlish something.
Mommy:  That's okay.  Do you want to say anything else for your Birthday interview?
Calvin:  I will want a chocolate cake at my birthday, too!

(Later Calvin came to me and told me that actually there is one thing he would like to 'accompwish' this next year.  He said he would like to get a really big 'fwashwight'.  So there you go!:)

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Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Calvin!!!

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