Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent Calvinisms

(Miles snags toy from Calvin.)
Mommy:  Miles is our little opportunist, isn't he?
Calvin:  What's an Opera-Tuna?
Daddy:  And opp-or-tun-ist is a person who tries to get what they want when they have a chance...
Calvin: ...and sings?

Daddy:  Calvin, it's time to go potty and get your jammies on, please.
Calvin:  What?  I can't hear you.  My ears are too small.
Daddy:  hmm... Nice try.

Calvin: Mom, who is that?
Mommy: That's Charlie Brown.
Calvin: No!  I'm the brown one!  Charlie is hazel.
Mommy: You mean your eyes are brown?
Calvin: Yeah.  The cartoon is called "Calvin Brown and Snoopy".
Mommy:  So, I guess the other one is "Charlie and Hobbs".
Calvin: Uh?

Calvin on Cops and Robbers:
"Daddy, are robbers nocturnal?"

Calvin informing Charlie about death:
Calvin: Charlie, people die when they stop living.
Charlie: Oh... I see...

Calvin:  Mommy, why am I a very fast runner, but Charlie is very strong?
Mommy:  Because we all have things that are our strengths.
Calvin:  What are strengths?
Mommy:  Something we are good at.  All people have different strengths.
Calvin:  Well, Daddy's grandpa Charles' strength is being old!
(So old he is with Jesus, I might add!)

Upon listening to "Jungle Boogie" for the first time, Calvin wondered,
"Why do we have to 'get down'."

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Chris Panza said...

That will turn ANYONE into a staunch Calvinist! :-)

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