Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Hair Cut

Some babies hair comes in on top first, like a little mohawk.  Charlie's hair grew that way.

Other babies have hardly any hair, save for a few long strands down the back.  Calvin's hair grew that way.

Other babies know what's up and just go for the full on mullet.  Classic American Hockey Hair.  That's Miles.  The cutest little mullet you ever did see.

But every baby needs a hair-cut sometime, and Miles sweet little curls have been growing out for a while now.  His little mullet morphed from a sweet little pile of curls at the nape of his neck to sort of a long, straight flap with a curl at the end.  Finally, a few days ago he awoke with particularly crazy hair that resembled Wayne Gretzke a little too much for me.  Ya, time to cut the flap.

Lil' Wayne.

Well, last night we did it.  Popped a movie in our little DVD player thingy, and set to work.  He was a gem.  In fact, he did the best of the three boys as we proceeded with assembly-line hair cuts at the kitchen table (really, if you have a boy, bring him on haircut night and sit him on the bench with the others... I will Flowbee his hair and not even notice he is there... conversely, stay away with your little girls on that night.).


It came out great!  A neat, tidy little cut that makes him look mighty handsome.  A gentle right of passage... a physical cue that this little guy is not a baby anymore. 

Miles Benjamin, look at you.  You are another little trooper in our rank of little boys.  Many more big things coming for you my sweet.  How about your own bed in the boys room next?


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Anonymous said...

What a special little boy! So cute! You do a good job with haircutting.
Grandma Alice

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