Sunday, September 9, 2012

A List from the Week

1.  The toddler speaks!  All his sentences begin with 'me' or 'mine'.  How developmentally appropriate of him.

2.  It's not so much change, not so much launching into something new and unexpected--or even unwanted--it's the waiting and not knowing that gets to me.  Peace.

3.  Note to self:  When Charlie helps put the dishes away, they may end up in some interesting places in the house.... not necessarily the kitchen.

4.  Calvin is intuitive, genuine, outgoing, sensitive... He is just so amazing and beautiful.  He is like a treasure I both want to protect and share at the same time.  He astounds me.

5.  Worship... pure, wonderful, beautiful worship with my husband this morning at church.  So Awesome.  Love you Jesus.... totally. completely. in waiting. in doing. in everything.

6.  My new motto:  "Don't worry... we've got Raymond!"  Seriously.  Is there anything this man cannot fix?

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