Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do you take your vitamin D therapy?

It's September in Humboldt County, and you know what that means....

Vitamin D Therapy Month!

Oh yes, when you live on the California North Coast you just do not see the sun so much, so when August and September roll around, we coastal folks strip off our clothes at the first hint of sun, head out into our yards, and let the hot thing in the sky scorch our skin a little bit...  Ahhhhh... Natural vitamin D, just as God intended us to get it.

As many Humboldtians, I recently was diagnosed as very vitamin D deficient, and beyond taking large doses of supplements was actually told to sunbathe without sunscreen (reasonably and responsively), so I literally mean it when I call a bit of shirtless play Therapy!  (Okay, I wear a shirt, but the boys love a chance to strip down a bit and run wild in the yard.)

So, how do you take your D?

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