Friday, October 5, 2012

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Oh yes it is!  Time to be aware!

I've many friends blogging all month, every day in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness month.  Others are posting daily tidbits and photos on Facebook.  I am well aware, but I will tell you, I am loving seeing all these beautiful faces, fun facts, wonderful reports. 

I am doing what I can, but I am afraid we are too busy these days for daily blogs... still, I want to play, too!  So, in addition to some fun little facts I am posting on Facebook, I will try to re-post some past blogs posts about Down Syndrome, and if I can, paint a bit of a picture of what Down Syndrome is like in the context of a family.  I like what a friend said, "Our life does not revolve around Down Syndrome, but it is something that affects us every day."  

And that said, here is a little Down Syndrome Awareness for you today...

Charlie is, more than anything else in this family, a brother and a son, plain and simple.  He is a great brother, and so blessed to have his younger brother Calvin so close in age.  They are two peas in a pod, those silly boys.  I love how in this picture Cal and Charlie are looking up in the camera, and Miles is looking at them.  Miles wants so much to do every little thing they do, and Calvin and Charlie are so, so good about accommodating that desire.  "Calvin, hold my hand in the parking lot so Miles sees that it is what we do."  "Charlie, show Miles the way you hook that train track together so he can do it himself."

Charlie may be behind in areas, but to his brothers, he is just Charlie.  I think Calvin might be starting to get what Down Syndrome is, but it is difficult because Charlie is first in the line of siblings, he has always been who he is to his bros, and they have a play language and relationship that is as natural and dependable as the sun rises each morning.

I guess you could say in our family Down Syndrome is natural, just a variation on normal.  We roll with it... and while I occasionally get accolades on my "exceptional" (because of Charlie) mothering, the truth is, anyone can do this.  We do.  And we are still smiling.  :)

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Cindy said...

Excellent! Beth is the oldest of our three girls and they had that same connection growing up. Beth was Beth. Period.

Great post! Love that picture of your 'peas in a pod'!

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