Friday, October 26, 2012

School Update

I feel obligated to post.... something.  It has been an overwhelming month.  Nothing I can name specifically, but the writing about Down Syndrome, mothering, boys, life... that energy is just, I guess, scattered right now. 

Charlie is doing awesome.  Healthy, loving school, making friends, catching on.  We've seen amazing changes in him lately that we did not expect... this introvert kid who hides in his room when people come for dinner.  He is becoming more confident in social situations.  We had our entire band over for dinner the other night, and Charlie jumped right in with the other kids, noise and all, played with them, interacted, even attempted communication (which in the past he seems to avoid except with family), and had a great night.  We see this same thing emerging in other situations, and it is so surprising.  Charlie is a watcher.  He watches to learn.  He watches to see if something is safe.  He watches to see how to participate.  Well, anyway, in Kindergarten he has as yet been very reserved, very watchful, and I think, learning a great deal about how to hack it as a regular kid from his the peers in his mainstream classroom.  He learns so slowly with academics.  His genius is really in the social area, and he is soaking up so much from his classmates.  They love him, too.  High fives and hugs all around at the end of the day.

So that is Charlie this month of October.  Emerging.  You know, when he was a baby I worried about his future.  I admit it.  I did.  But, that worry is so far from me now... I look forward to it.  He may not become a man of prestige in worldly standards, but he is going to be content, loved, satisfied in any circumstance. 

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