Friday, November 16, 2012

Guess Who is Two?

Our very own Miles Benjamin!

Wow!  Miles.  What a beautiful year we have had with you, my son.

A little about our Miles.  He was a most adorable baby.  Entering the world in a storm of a labor, a frantic newborn settled only by the warm embrace of his mommy.  Settle he did, and has been glued to my side since.  A mommy's little boy, an introvert to most, but a total class clown around those who have gained the honored position to enter his "circle of trust".

Cute as a button as an infant (we called him Mellow Miles), and a rough and tumble toddler (aka Conky Conk).  Definitely a child with a bent toward athleticism, fearlessness, and a hearty dose of "if my brother does it, I'm gonna try!"  Or as Miles more simply says, Me Too!  This little munchkin is funny, sweet, full of cuddles and jokes and tenderness.

Fully indoctrinated into the love of trains, our Miles takes train books and steam engines to bed with him instead of blankies or stuffed animals.  He has the cutest little way of pading around the house, and is always up to something.  If the sliding door is open, and I suddenly wonder "where is Miles?" we can bet he has found a pile of dirt to dig in, bugs to poke, steps to jump off.

He talks!  In July I was sure he would be a late talker, not even "babbling" at that point.  Oh, he had been saying "Mommy" since 7 months (Mommy's boy, remember?).  But other than that, it was all grunts and motor sounds.  Then August came, and one word, then another, and now full "thought" sentences... he says a bunch of words together, not always in order, but the sum of which form a complete thought.  So adorable!  You almost hate for speech to improve so quickly at this age... well, so long as you can figure out what he is communicating, and we can.  He is a great communicator, if not a proper one.

He is a little one we have been able to enjoy along with our 'older' boys, who find him just as novel and wonderful as us grown ups.  "Oh, toddlers," we say.  And, as Calvin told a friend recently, "You just need to have a toddler around if you are going to have any fun."  All four of us are looking out for this little character.  His funny 2-year-old ways teach my older boys patience, responsibility, compassion.  They are amazing with him... er, when they are not making him cry, anyway.

What can we say... I am thankful for this boy.  He has made our lives rich.  I can barely stand to think of what life would be if that guitar pick flip had not turned up "Fender", if ya know what I mean. 

Love you, Miles.  Proud of you.  Am looking forward to walking with you for another year as you grow, learn, and, of course, entertain.  Happy Birthday!

Love Mommy.

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Chris Panza said...

Kim, your recent posts really make me wish I had my own children!

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